Future possibilities


Anytime one looks at global events, hears the news, they are always plastered with terrible things, whether its round the clock cable news tv, online news portals, or in campuses. As people are more focused on the ‘dangers’ of our environment, this gets more attention within each of us, rather than focusing on the tolerant aspects of our world.

That is not to say that we shouldn’t ignore the ‘dangers’ of our environment, however I feel that they are being ‘magnified’ by certain groups in our society. Most people are doing the best that they can to improve the environment, society, and the economy; whereas there are those who constantly whine and grime about society, expecting apes that came out of the Savannah several million years ago to fix things immediately.

As one travels the world, and observe astutely of society, people, and culture they can see hope and optimism in so many areas. It is a wonder that apes out of the jungle have built sophisticated technology, infrastructure, and complex structure that allows anyone to travel all over the world. We are now living in a world, where one can have breakfast in Singapore, have lunch in Dubai, and then have dinner in Paris.


We are now living in a world, where one can have breakfast in Singapore, have lunch in Dubai, and then have dinner in Paris.

Think about the statement for a second, a person can eat their breakfast in a cafe in Singapore, go to the airport with excellent transportation facility, travel at the speed of sound in a jet airplane, stop over for lunch in Dubai, then head to Paris for a beautiful candlelight dinner. Our ancestors hundreds of years ago could never imagine that people one day will be able to eat their meals in different continents within a day.

Our ancestors hundreds of years ago could never imagine that people one day will be able to eat their meals in different continents within a day.

While this access isn’t available for every person on the planet, a quick tour to any mega airport will reveal the answer, the latest data shows more than a billion people have traveled internationally last year.

Where does this lead us, one can only guess as the physicists Michio Kaku, stated that we are seeing the changes of a multicultural society, based on scientific principles, and tolerant people. Obviously there would be a lot of conflict and hesitation by people, but we can also see the evidence of a society that is the pinnacle of human excellence.

Smooth Ape


Ever since we split from the apes, one aspect of our body that has changed so dramatically is the skin. This is especially noticed in the case of females, who are much less hairy, and have smooth streamlined body than any other genre of our species.

One can notice that other mammals do have very smooth and streamlined bodies such as dolphins, this enables them to glide through the ocean currents effortlessly.  Anyone can see when going to the beach, that women effortlessly float through the crushing waves. Having smooth skin also aids in heat dissipation, which allows the body to regulate it’s core temperature.

As humans have moved towards an indoor environment, with controlled temperature available, the need for specific traits to counter harsh weather has decreased. The hotter the climate the less hair the better. It’s a wonder of evolution to produce the beauty of the female, which has taken millions of years. Its smooth skin, and mathematically curvy rear end that is soft to the touch, it’s legs engineered for aesthetic admiration, the whole body streamlined by design, is a wonder for mankind.

In a Farm


I was having second thoughts of staying in a farm while I was being taken up the steep hills, in a rural part of the town. I decided to stay in a farm, because it provided free food and accommodation, it was an easy way to save money during my stay abroad. I also wanted to try farming; growing up in one of the most densely populated city the only thing in my mind was to get away from the chaos to being out on the open in the fields.

The car drives up the steep hill, then takes a right turn along a narrow grass road and stops at the end of the hill. It had rained, and I looked around the bamboo structures that were incomplete and dripping wet. Then a man came to greet me, I had no clue what to expect. When I got to the dormitory that I was going to stay I felt sick, it was dirty, messy, the beds were made from wood gotten from cargo containers. Even the shelves were made from that wood, the shower was dirty with no tiles. Toilets were covered with curtains, but had no doors. I wanted to stay for the night and get out of the next day.

I knew about this place online where one can register and look for a farm that they can stay, I was told about the place and expected contribution to the farm in return for food and accommodation. The one thing that changed my mind about not leaving the place, was meeting two volunteers from Europe, one of the girl was from Denmark, she had been in a farm in Thailand where there were rats living in the room and the bed was on the ground, another volunteer was from Hungary he looked pretty satisfied with the conditions of living in a tent. I had to realize the context, I was in a farm in the steep hills of a rural part of the town, this was a completely different environment from living in a city, I can’t expect a 5 star hotel to be in a farm !


It took me a couple of days to adjust, and I was eager to get my hands dirty, the one thing that I realized very quickly is farming is a lot more difficult than one realizes. It’s physically very exhausting, with repetitive hand work, toiling under the harsh sun. There were more volunteers coming mainly from Europe, I was the only asian there, which made me realize why are only westerners working in farms and yet no asians.

Most of the people there were spending their holidays, and learning about permaculture, enjoying every bit of it. The place was very quiet and peaceful, with trees, plants, fruits all around, the environment made the whole place lively. Meeting people from different parts of the world, learning about their views, yet having a common understanding made it an incredible experience.

Shrewd vs Smart


Machiavellian the word derived from philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli, shows another side of people that is ‘manipulative’. Machiavelli witnessed by observing society, there are people who are generally shrewd in their actions, like political leaders, and then there are people who refrain from doing such things.

Most education, industry and government institutions have general IQ test, which measures the intelligence, or say smartness of individuals, however there is a flaw in this measurement. IQ tests leave out a very broad spectrum of the human mind’s capacity. There are people who are very ‘shrewd’ who don’t get a good score, however they can outwit, outsmart, manipulate people who have a high IQ. In industry and government it is people who have ‘Machiavellian’ traits that excel over those who are considered very smart.

IQ tests leave out a very broad spectrum of the human mind’s capacity.

As there are now personality tests, that can measure the ‘Machiavellian’ traits it is still not a conclusive way to measure someone, as people can easily lie or be dishonest in their answers. In my previous blog I had mentioned how, groups who are generally ‘shrewd’ in nature can out-compete groups who are considered smart. Even in nature, this can be noticed, take for example the hyena that is very ‘Machiavellian’ in nature, it scavenges the food of other predators by working in close cooperation with it’s group members, the bigger the group the stronger it gets. It saves a lot of energy by not hunting, but by simply ganging up and taking other’s food, it gains more calories than it spends.

The ‘numbers’ game catches on.

Niccolo Machiavelli, an astute observer recognizes the behavior of how power and strength can be gained by being a different kind of player. No surprise the book he wrote was not released because the inconvenience on society and strategy of political leaders will be out on the open. Having no free exchange of ideas has only benefited the deceivers, if this knowledge had been passed down like now, then people could be more prepared to combat others and utilize it in their personal life.

Group Competition


One aspect of people that has surprised me is their ability to cooperate in large scale numbers that enables them to out-compete, out-smart, out-number, other groups. That is what we are witnessing all over the world, whether one looks at europe, north america, middle east, asia it’s the same story.

Looking back at our past, the ‘us vs them’ mentality had been hardwired in us, and is still very strong and present. The level of cooperation, organization, structure varies from each family, neighborhood, country, and race. Groups which can out-smart others doesn’t necessarily mean they are smarter, have high IQ, but they are more shrewd, and most importantly they have numbers on their side.

Having looked at different scenarios, I always wondered why the most smartest, creative, visionary people never make it, but rather people who are of lower caliber get their desired outcome. Families that are smart, and high in caliber tend to have less cooperation within the family, they value the ‘individual’ rather than group, the more educated they are the less reproduction rate they have. Groups that are not as smart, value their kin and the whole family, they are more shrewd but less educated, they also reproduce far more, and cooperate efficiently.

The ‘numbers game’ will eventually catch on, and it is thus very difficult for an intellectual to compete against so many competitors. A family that has strong cooperation will only benefit the individual, as the individual has many members that can help and support. Whereas, a family that has a weak structure, the individual thus becomes weak, as there are few members that can aid and support.

A family that has strong cooperation will only benefit the individual, as the individual has many members that can help and support.

We are witnessing this in every corner of the globe, whether we agree or disagree with the groups religion, culture, their structure is up for debate, but in the meantime we can definitely learn from others as the group which is the strongest will prevail.

Challenging Recovery


Having gone through the whole ordeal with my situation, there is always an outcome, sometimes it is both positive and negative, or both, in my case it’s both. Good in the sense, that other people know the ‘two-face’ parasites that have been on my back throughout my life.

This time things had gone to such malevolent level, once people even hear such evil, it breaks them. It’s not easy to be bought up in a family that is full of selfish, narcissistic, psychopaths, it’s even more difficult to convince others of the manipulation, the abuse, the evil that I had to face every day. No one would believe that my parents, who graduated from medical school, are well mannered and articulate in front of others, could do such horrendous things. It looks as if they had been wearing a mask in front of others, and then showing me a different face.

It looks as if they had been wearing a mask in front of others, and then showing me a different face.

Going through depression, sometimes I see my future with hope, and other times I see it as hopelessness. Many times hopelessness came to me, and I was thinking of taking the easy way out, there was no will, no support, nothing for me to see except, when I look back at the scene, how the hell did I go through this shit, I am not supposed to be alive writing this, but here I am still writing, thinking, breathing.

Sunny Country


It wasn’t on my radar, until I looked on the map to see what other options I had. This was another country that had no prior visa requirement, which means I can easily go there, and the plane ticket was quiet cheap, due to the large number of tourists.

I didn’t know what to expect when I had planned to go to Sri Lanka, an island nation south of India. I already had a blast being in Bali, and was reluctant to go to the south asian region, expecting dirty broken roads, selfish people, and not much to see. Things completely changed, when I was seated in a large jet in the airport, it was literally filled with tourists from all over the world.

That was the most shocking aspect, I never realized a country that was only a couple of hours away from us would have more western tourists than what I had seen in Bali. I was surprised that a country, whose GDP is lower than us, would have excellent roads, latest traffic signals, higher quality infrastructure than us. Travelling around was easy due to the affordable public transport system. Food, hotels were all cheap, no wonder hordes of tourists were coming there.

People are laid back, with curiosity and a smile, practicing a peaceful religion, and respecting their culture and values. Population is very low compared to us, I rarely saw selfish bitches that I see regularly in my own country. It was a trip that I am glad to have taken it, with so many scenery, animals, culture, food, oceans and plenty of sunshine.

Snake Parents


Just as I thought things were going to be the same, my mother’s manipulation and her disingenuous ways were going to continue, things suddenly took a different turn.

Factitious stories being told were not adding up, manipulation tactics being used were being outed, the deceitfulness being caught. I always assumed that one day her true side was going to be shown, but the ‘master manipulator’ was always going to figure out a way to get out, however this time it didn’t.

This time, things have gone too far, the stakes were too high, someone could have lost their life. Timing of the incident was not just pure coincidence, it was clear of the deception. No more hiding, no way to deny incidents, no lying because the records have proven otherwise. Most striking part was sheltering and defending her favorite son, who was no doubt the voice that conspired to do evil.

A devious plan that one expects from watching movies, coming from pure evil, the psychopaths, criminals, and other scums of this planet. I didn’t expect that this scheme would be caught by the most unlikely person, my uncle, my mothers closest confidant, which even shocked him. It’s good to know that other family members, have now seen the ‘side’ of evil, which I always knew but couldn’t convince them, now they know, I feel vindicated.

Capsule Hotels


It looks as if it came from the future, whether it is from a spaceship, or from a first class aisle in a airline, it’s design and functionality is futuristic. I mostly stay in hostels, and luckily I got the chance to stay in a capsule dormitory.

Looking at the images on the web and reading about capsule rooms, not only fascinated me but also bothered me, how could people stay in such enclosed space. That’s what I had to find out, having stayed in several rooms, none of them felt enclosed to me, instead I felt more free space.

Innovation and utilization of space created this wonderful experience of staying in hotels. The dormitories from a distance gives the impression of  a morgue/prison beds, however they are organized and clean. There are ingenious ways to create space, like having closets underneath the bed or on the side of the wall where one can keep their luggage, there is a table, which includes table lamps, with multiple adapters where one can charge devices, depending on which hotel one stays, there are additional facilities like tv, card access to beds.

The capsule beds actually offer more space and facilities to the individual rather than just regular bunk beds. Sleeping in an enclosed space, makes one feel very isolated, it reduces outside noise and is very quiet and relaxing to sleep. However there are disadvantages as well, like changing your clothes or packing can be very difficult. I had to change my clothes while lying on the bed all the while a woman was giggling at me !

Most of the hostels I stayed near the city had capsule architecture, whereas the further I got away had more regular bunk bed style. For backpackers, this new model has been a great advantage, not only are they affordable but allows them to relax in a room with travelers all over the globe, do try out the capsule hotels, it’s an experience which will make you want to go there again.

Gift of GPS

gps1Imagine going to a country that one hasn’t been before, not knowing anyone, not speaking the language, or even a place to stay, that is how hopeless I felt when I had lost my phone abroad.

A smartphone is one of the best ways to navigate the world, and without it most travelers would be in limbo. As soon as my phone was stolen, I felt a heavy burden on me; yes I would have been fine had I been in a country where I knew the local language, and therefore could ask people to aid me. The smartphone was my only companion as a solo traveler, guiding me across the vast world.

A smartphone is one of the best ways to navigate the world.

I was never keen on buying a smartphone, until I was on a tour and a passenger sitting beside me was using the gps, to navigate to his destination. It was extremely helpful for not only him but also to me, as I knew exactly where to go with pinpoint accuracy.

Without gps technology, I wouldn’t have been able to find a place to stay that is walking distance to the beach, touring nearby places, restaurants, finding the quickest route to my destination, and dozens of other stuff that was so helpful to my during my stay. I would have been stuck in a forest with wild elephants for the whole night if it wasn’t for gps !

As I had written before about the dangers of technology creeping in, again it depends on the context of the situation, we can use these wonderful tools to enrich our lives or we can use it to create ‘the matrix’. It is people rather than the tools that will determine the outcome. My greatest fear is people will not utilize the full potential of our wonderful tools to create a better society.

It is people rather than the tools that will determine the outcome.