Online Dating in Bangladesh

It’s just been recently that people are using apps to actually meet people face to face. While in the west it’s a different story, here in the East the ‘online dating’ world is still very new, it is yet to mature to provide a fulfilling service.

Even though we have had computers for a while, and starting to implement technological services to everyday life, when it comes to actual relationships, meeting people physically, it is still in it’s infancy, not because the technology isn’t there, it has to do with the culture.


First of Bangladesh is still a majority muslim country, the influence of islam and it’s values are upon society, these values are shared by all religious and cultural people, the conservative values: religion, chastity, traditional marriage. While there are differences between religious and cultural values, the ideology is the same between them. However, in the city this is no longer the case, most people in schools and colleges have intimate relationships between both sexes.

Even though people are using online dating apps, sites women barely meet with anyone who they met online, as mentioned above due to the cultural influence they are living in. They are more than glad to date guys who they have met physically, like via social circles  or in party’s, events, colleges, rather than online.

Online dating is still a long way off, the culture, the values, the mindset will need to change before females are comfortable meeting guys on a digital platform, but the tide may be shifting with increasingly efficient technology.



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