Classy music and women

Emotions run through the mind, the thoughts, the eyes, the lips, eventually every part of the body, that’s what music feels to me; not every music, but music that connects with me emotionally, music that creates an amazing experience, music that is classical.

Classical music is what creates this experience, in todays culture most artists on tv are loud obnoxious singers creating lyrics and beats that are already predetermined. Pop culture music although some are good, but most of them are temporary sounds to feed hungry enthusiastic’s.


Even in a country like ours, somehow I stumbled on satellite tv channel called cmusictv, and I got hooked to it so easily, I never knew that a channel that plays classical music could even exist. One musician that literally took my breath away was Lavinia Meijer, she looked incredibly ‘classy’, someone who is extremely disciplined, extremely talented, highly intellectual, yet very feminine.

Lavinia Meijer, performs by playing the harp, she makes music that was played by other instruments to the harp, which requires incredible talent and hand precision. I never heard tunes, that fills the mind in so many ways. Her performance of ‘metamorphis’  by Philip Glass is one of the most enthralling experiences. Please do check it out below.


Listening to it, brings peace in my mind, my body, it makes you want to explore the world, find the mysteries, and most importantly heals my mind. Recognizing the impact of amazing music, an amazing artist, a classy woman like Lavinia Meijer.


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