Dating: Women in Dhaka

It is one of the most densely populated city in the world, it is also a developing country, trying to catch up to developed nations. Competition is fierce, in the context of the market economy, people will lie, cheat and steal to make a living.

People will behave in different ways depending upon the environment, the system that our current market operates under causes severe stress not only to the people, but also to the community of biological life around us. On an individual level, there are sponges, someone that squeezes the fruits of another person’s labor.

While browsing on dating apps, I came upon plenty of profiles of women, who either want someone who will aid them financially, or someone who is financially secure to be able to marry them. In a developing city like Dhaka, with rapid urbanization, women will look to get the man who is more financially secure, as living in poverty is extremely difficult here.


dating_bd_meetHowever, there will always be ones, who are playing the victim, this is called munchausen syndrome they fake or cause harm to their loved ones to get attention. In the case of the women shown here, I saw her post regularly on several dating apps, that she wants someone to financially support her, it’s just money she is interested in. Considering the fact that she is also married, which shows she wants attention. Especially in dating sites/apps there are women, who look for men to take care of them, what is known as ‘sugardaddy’, this can also be found across the globe in the west. Even though many of the women in the city are educated, they still look for someone who is more financially wealthier than them, as it is still the men’s responsibility to take care of women.

People are still living under traditional ideology, which is a patriarchal system, so women stay in houses and men are breadwinners, this can be seen villages, far away from the city. In Dhaka, the story is changing due to the market, as capitalism crawls into every corner of the globe, and rapid urbanization is occurring, where money is worshiped, women will look for more wealthy men in a competitive world.


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