Deserted land


The streets are empty, the shops, offices closed, apartments are like standing trees, hollow inside. Gas stations look like abandoned war zones, and the sidewalks don’t have people ! This is what happens to a city, the country that’s on a holiday.

As the people of this nation are celebrating eid, the city with the most densely populated area suddenly looks like a ghost town. Majority of the people that live and work here, are from small towns and villages, almost all of them go back to their home town, to celebrate eid with their dear ones. One might think that this is a good time for people to rest and enjoy the peace, but in a strange way the sudden silence is bothering me.

The energy of the crowd, the sound that I felt just last week, turns into a deserted land, void of no life, energy, chaos, which I got so accustomed to. This is what I feel inside, as this has been the way of celebrating eid for me, as most people visit their family and friends, enjoying each other’s company, visiting different parts of the country, I am stuck in a empty vessel, devoid of any energy, lost in this deserted land.





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