Wearing Black

blackshrtI remember in my childhood, that whenever I was buying clothes, even the colors were not chosen by me, the colors where always bright and obnoxious, but never dark solid colors. When at last, I had the freedom to choose what I wanted, I always chose dark solid colors.


Living in a religious, conservative society there are specific colors, one is expected to wear. Most kids wear bright colors, religious men wear white, religious women wear black burqa, traditional people wear striped color clothing. Those who live in the city, and belong to upper class wear fashionable clothing, this can be traditional and religious type of clothing, but highly fashionable. Most college kids, now wear western clothing, jeans and shirt. What you wear, has religious, cultural, and social implications on any society.

I have always avoided wearing black casually, unless it’s for formal occasions, the color black, especially in our country is regarded as bad, something to be avoided. There may be a scientific basis behind the color black, and it’s social implications but having recently wearing black gave me a whole new perspective behind it.

I was hiking in a new part of the town, this place had very few modern buildings, not a lot of transportation, but enough roads for industrialization. The first thing I noticed when wearing a black shirt, was people were reluctant to speak to me when I was asking for directions, this is uncommon considering, I have always found it easy to ask people. Another aspect of it was, people were looking at me sort of suspiciously, but didn’t bother dealing with me, I am not a physically large guy, but the color seems to put people at unease. While I was living in London, most guys did wear dark colors, but it’s different there culturally, also white people wearing dark colors match well. As I am dark skinned, the color didn’t match, instead it made me look like the ‘bad guy’.

As I was walking along, a abandoned part of the town, I saw plenty of trucks in the middle of nowhere, then I also saw police vehicles there as well, I figured out it was a smuggling zone, both parties doing illicit activities. The fact that they saw me, but didn’t come after me surprised me, then I realized the one factor that was different in me, than in any other occasion. With women, it was interesting, more women were attracted to me than when I was wearing bright colors, I guess the dark color was alluring to them.

I have had the experience of being treated badly by the public, then I also found the strength and dominance factor, feeling courageous and instilling fear to others, alluring to women, which I got by wearing black.


2 thoughts on “Wearing Black

  1. Yes. I was told by a older and wiser gentleman one day in my early days as a banker the folly of wearing a black blazer or suit jacket to work. His words were, “too serious,” and proceeded to use the teller next to me instead. Never again did I wear black if I wanted to be approachable.

    P.S. You are my favorite follower so far.


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