Walking away

I just woke up today and checked my phone, there I see this video below and it reminded me why I no longer follow any archaic religion.

This women is in a movie theater, and she is praying right beside a movie poster, as well as in front of gates which also has posters. I am thinking to myself what lengths will people go to follow such a radical ideology, then I looked at the context of the situation. She is in Canada, a very liberal country, she is showing all the movie goers that she is a faithful and divine, she wants attention, as playing the victim card brings liberals plenty of sympathy.

People use religion to showcase their innocence to the public, painting the picture of how moral they were, at the same time, using parts of the ideology to justify abuse, to justify doing evil. The women in the video wants to get attention, this is called munchausen syndrome. By bringing attention to herself, she is actually mocking people, which is a slap to real abusive victims.

While I was facing horrible physical punishment, I was told by my parents to pray to God, as it can only save you, so I did. When I no longer saw any reason to live, I prayed. When I saw suffering to all the poor people, I prayed so that God will help them. I asked God for help, so that my life would be meaningful, I prayed so that my abusive family would change stop their evil. But nothing happened, I realized people are blindly following a fictional entity, they are following an ideology that has no basis in modern times, an ideology that makes people accept evil being done to them, so I no longer follow such ideology and walked away.



7 thoughts on “Walking away

  1. If you asked me, I don’t believe that’s what the woman was doing. Devout Muslims believe that there’s no excuse for not praying when the time is called for prayer (5 times a day). This woman is sitting in a corner praying, and in my belief, because the time was running out to go to her house and THEN pray and by then the required time to do the salat will have ended.

    As for your opinions in religion, you can have any opinion of it as can I, but really, that I believe was not what the woman was doing. My father once prayed on a moving bus with an extremely congested seat where he couldn’t comfortable place his legs, but he prayed through because he was getting late to go home where he could’ve prayed alone


  2. I’ve once had to pray in a room full of posters with nude women. I had no choice, that was the only place where I could pray alone and in silence and since I couldn’t go home on time and the time will have run out 😮 Sometimes the media can show things in such a way, this is why I don’t trust it so much- the media I mean


    1. Room full of nude posters, must have been quiet a scene ! Lol. I know that praying next to posters isnt allowed, but exceptions occur. Having lived abroad l did notice a lot of people using religion to garner attention, so i skeptical about these situations. Living in a country that has different culture, values so people need to be sensitive when living in another country, praying should be done in private.

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      1. I believe it shouldn’t be done to garner attention, because doing good to get attention from people about how holy you are is spoken against of. But I don’t know what it’s like to live abroad. And I don’t know the situation of the cinema either, because she sat on a chair instead of on the ground, so it showed that she needed a clean space to be able to pray (not to mention, all the other parts of salats that involve putting your head to the ground). I don’t know her, but on first thought, I would think she was doing what my devoted family members would do. I wouldn’t judge so quickly since I saw it being done so often and how busy they can be and how much they have to travel to go home.

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    2. You can be devout, and at the same time be respectful to other cultures and values. She is abroad, living in a western country, where secular values are prized. I don’t find it any form of devout to pray inside a cinema, especially in a country where her religion is not the main religion. Similarly think how odd, it would be if another person from a different religion would practice their norms, in a country that is not tolerant to others. Can a jew ever practice his beliefs in major Islamic country, most likely not.


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