Civilization fragments


“My God, did we finally do it” was the words uttered by the character played by ‘James Franciscus’ in the movie ‘Beneath the Planet of the Apes’. In the scene, the character stumbles upon an underground train station, which used to be his home, but he now sees all the fragments remaining of the past civilization.

I found it in my movie collection bought recently and I finally saw it. It was brilliantly directed, the acting was meticulous, the lighting, the script, the storyline, the message everything you expect from a great movie. Even with all the new technologies, gadgets movies are no better today, that’s the problem with the world : addiction to growth.

As our economy needs to keep on growing, humans will keep on devouring all the resources the planet can sustain, as our population expands, more consumption is required, the difference between devouring resources today compared to thousands of years ago is environmental pollution. Most people still don’t understand or believe in climate change, because of religious, cultural, and economical aspect associated with it.

Industries don’t want to believe in global warming, because they rely on the fossil fuels to grow their wealth, politicians don’t believe in carbon pollution, because they are paid by the fossil fuel industry, economist don’t want to stop climate change, because they know the economy will collapse, religious people don’t want anything to do with global warming, because they believe only god is capable of changing the climate.

In the movie, what was predicted decades ago, still resonates to this day, how people, think, what people do to other animals, how people’s fascination with fictional reality will ultimately cost the destruction of our species and other life forms. Scary part is the reality of the situation at this moment, can humans change, or will they ‘finally do it’.


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