Bold Black


Yesterday night I saw this picture, and I could barely breathe. Later I didn’t think about it much, but in my dreams this stunning picture appeared out of nowhere, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Eva Green, is the epitome of a goddess beauty, it’s as if she was bought in this world, from the strike of thunder from the clouds, and descendant to earth, to humble us all. I could write about her fit, slim, beautifully engineered body for the whole day ! Rather I will talk about her perfect heels; the heels are ‘simple’ yet it shows elegance, sexiness, lightweight, perfect curves, and laces that compliment her stunning legs and feet. I often see, women who wear really large obnoxious, with jewelery designs heels. Just keep it simple with black color heels.


Cq7Rj-yXYAA_fJK  Here is Olivia Wilde, wearing a black dress with jewelery, the color black has a stunning attraction to the person, black color contrasts well with white skin, therefore the combination is stunning. Her heels are simple too, not much design, and shiny, which makes her legs look so elegant and sexy.

Women with such beauty and wearing black bold dress makes it always look classy, therefore always in my dreams whether I want it or not.


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