Journey to unknown


Every once in a while, I just feel like packing my bags, and hitting the road, not knowing where I will go or end up. It’s not wanting to be in a environment that is unhealthy for my mind but also my body. The thought of spending my days here, is torturing me inside, maybe I need to move somewhere else, a place where I can enjoy nature, with caring people, live a relaxing lifestyle.

Most people didn’t know that’s how most of our ancestors had spent their life living with nature, until the start of a destructive revolution. Life of hunter gatherers was made to look like, terrifying, starvation, barbaric, that’s what our culture tells us, in fact it’s quite the opposite. They were the first original affluent society according to anthropologists  Marshall Sahlins.

That’s what many people are still trying to accomplish, whether it’s people who are hopping of to a different part of the world, or taking regular vacations. Most of them are just trying to get away from the ‘system’, our socioeconomic system, which has made society run like a prison industry.

There are hundreds of questions that arise, as soon as I start packing my bags. Starting from what I am going to take in my bag, the expense, where to go, how to get theres, visa issues (for south asian people big problem), having all these questions are a barrier. To break this barrier, it’s best to just take a deep breath and head out for a journey to the unknown.



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