Majestic beauty


The largest animal to have ever lived, yes it’s even larger than the dinosaurs ! The fact that we are able to witness one of the largest animals in the entire history of our planet is incredible. The kayak was copied to align with the side of the whale, to show the sheer size of it. How long does the whale seem ?

It’s an animal that weighs hundreds of tons, it can easily crush us, but it doesn’t, because it is a peaceful animal, unlike humans. It navigates the big gorgeous ocean, eating tons of food swimming and exploring it’s surrounding, in contrast humans are so obsessed with fictional entities  that we slave away in buildings and concrete to worship our gods.

Animals live in objective reality, the ‘real world’, whereas humans live in ‘fictional reality’ together with objective world. These fictions include, gods, laws, money, ideology, nations, which ultimately will be responsible for the extinction of this gorgeous majestic animal.


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