Shopping Spree

edspreeIt’s another holiday and shopping time again. Holidays and shopping go hand in hand, whenever any kind of holiday comes up, it’s another opportunity for revitalizing the economy. The way to do that, is to constantly increase the consumption, and consumption means shopping. No matter whichever part of the town I go, there is one thing in common, most of the shopping is done by women.

There is a consumption instinct among women, to get plenty of stuff, and this doesn’t only apply to people living in the city. Even among rural people, those who live in a agrarian society one can see the same behavior among women. For them, they don’t have access to tv, billboards, or marketers, they are cut far away from the hustle of the ‘modern’ city. Often times I hear about consumption is only due to the environment, yet the agrarian women show similar interests in products that people in the city prefer. It doesn’t matter whether someone is living in the west or east, north or south, there is a basic instinct behind female shopping psychology.

The difference that agrarian people have from us, is they lack the resources, means and the need to acquire so much stuff. If given the opportunity to acquire resources and they will simply shop like the city shopping addicts. Our economy requires consumption, it is based on growth, without women doing all the consumption it will simply collapse.


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