Red City

It’s not a war zone, and it’s not global warming ! This is the day we celebrate eid, by sacrificing cattle. People believe in mythology, stories, and that’s what you get when you combine myths & stories: religion.

It’s already one of the most densely populated city in the world, combine with inadequate infrastructure, people not following hygienic practices. Massive rainfall and you get a city filled with red blood. Imagine if any of the animal activists from ‘peta’ see this, they will most likely faint.

From early morning, I hear¬†thunderous sounds from the clouds to be awaken by people and cattle. I am glad in rained, because the cleaning was much easier, despite the road blockage. I like to ‘occasionally’ eat meat, nothing wrong with that, but yesterday I probably ate 10 lbs of it, now heading for a long walk.


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