Swimming with Sharks


If you think this movie is about a bad boss, the abuse suffered by the new assistant, the revenge taken, it’s not. Well, not according to the ‘conventional’ movie critics it’s not. This movie goes much deeper into the structures of our society, our relationship with one another, it shows us the hedonistic mechanistic view of modern society, and what people will do to make it through.

Main part of the movie shows the newbie assistant, trying to juggle his responsibilities from an arrogant boss, played by Kevin Spacey. Spacey killed this role, he has played plenty of iconic movie roles, which are not ‘politically correct’, but rather goes to the heart of the issue. Swimming with sharks, has plenty of top movie stars, but it’s a movie the mainstream society will look into disgust, as it tackles ‘controversial’ topics.

The most interesting scene is at the end, when the assistant the boss and a producer are in a room. The producer, has sexual relationships with both the men, and a tense standoff occurs between all three of them. Spacey delivers incredible lines, the script of the movie was done brilliantly, each phase fits well with the scene.

“Everyone lies, good guys loose, and love doesn’t conquer all”, Spacey says as the ending comes to a shocking end. In a commercialized world, where institutions have more power over everyone’s lives, where society values wealth, status, and fame people will bring out their worst instincts to get what they want. This results in a abuse cycle with keeps perpetuating to generations.


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