Hit piece on Auroville


To learn the mindset of a typical westerner you can read the article that a junkie materialistic idiot wrote about ‘Auroville’. I came upon the article online, and saw how the west views other parts of the world, spiritually and objectively.

Auroville is an experiment to start a new way of living, it combines history of our past, knowledge of nature, and science to build a different society from our current one. It is located in southern part of India, it has become more of a ‘tourist’ destination for foreigners. The article posted online, by Maddy Crowell shows poor journalistic standards, and shows us the lack of knowledge, the opinion people from modern ‘civilization’ has.

She writes : “I thought a bottle of red wine would be an appropriate gift to bring to utopia”, really a bottle of red wine in a village far removed from civilization ! and it’s not a utopia, nothing is to a western brat. Then she complains about taking a ‘couple of hours’ of flight, and taking a bus to reach her destination; then what’s the point of travelling ? rather she better head out to the shopping mall to binge on drinks.

It’s mentioned “there is no money, no government, no religion, no skyscrapers or expressways, no newspapers”, why the hell would you need skyscrapers and expressways, if you visit a place that is building something different from modern civilization. She goes on to mention all the issues the place has, like security, what do you expect when locals see hot foreign women. Waking up in the heat, oh great she expects to have every house to be air-conditioned with giant flat screen tvs, and microwave junk food.

Expecting deep thinking, knowledgeable, objective work from these junkies, the public should be careful. Then talking about the ‘negative’ energy that she experienced, without even trying to figure out why that was happening. People trying to learn new ways of living, while under such social stress, and structural pressure from the outside world isn’t ringing a bell in her head.

“I was craving the brashness of Indian traffic and the clutter that comes with being a part of a society” being used to eating microwave food, hitting coffee shops, travelling in car, and office clutter is her way, and to her that’s the only good way, the right way to live, fine that’s great for her, but as a journalist who should look at things from different perspective that’s incomprehensible.

Obviously Auroville definitely has plenty of issues, I haven’t visited the place so I can’t tell. Trying to build a different society from our current one is a tall task, considering the financial pressures, the social cohesion with different communities, with no large scale support, it will end up being a tourist spot. Which, the west views the world through that lens, to commercialize every square inch of land.


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