River view

Far from #citylife outing in #river

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A family on the boat ride, umbrella used to shelter the bright sunshine, the colorful clothes dancing with the river,  connecting one part of the city to another, the river is the quickest and easiest route to take, the boat an early built vessel.

I decided to explore one part of the city, that was not always the easiest to get to, because concrete and asphalt haven’t yet plundered the place. The smell of asphalt is intoxicating to conquerors, and finally found it’s way to the village. It’s only about 10 miles from here, and didn’t take me long to reach.

As I went to the bridge built out of bamboo sticks, a tool used for so many centuries in this part of the world, one can ‘feel’ the structure as one get’s on it. The view diverged to several paths, each connecting one another, but the view was green, quiet, peaceful it’s as if I was taken to another part of the world. A world, that may cease to exist for conquerors are doing everything they can, to make a world of asphalt devoid of any culture, tradition, and life.


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