Little Player


If you look at him, you couldn’t figure it out, how does he do it, increase his notch count. One can never suspect from his demeanor, physical presence, energy level, that he can make a woman bow down to him stripped naked.

At first glance, you think he probably played one of the extras at ‘lord of the rings’ as a hobbit. He doesn’t display any sort of traditional dominant traits, but rather he is an eerily ‘confidence’ in him, not a physical one, but comfortable with himself. His eyes are dark buttons, one glance at a woman, and she fawns all over him.

Having met him at college, and spending time with him, one can see he has lived quite a story. Expelled from his own country, being a Kurdish meant problems with a dictator, eventually reaching a European country to seek asylum. A shrewd character no doubt, hardened by his travelling, working, living in inhabitable conditions with stories to tell.

Women go crazy whenever they see him, we were in the elevator once, he just turned to say ‘hi’ to a girl, the girl burst out ‘giggling’, her body shaking with sexual desires. We are at the cafe, as we walk in all the girls, europeans, asians, africans stop about their business and stare at him, as if looking at a ‘celebrity’; while eating several girls come over to just have a ‘chat’. Travelling in the tube, he talked about being ‘locked’ up in a asylum center; as he leaves his seat, a british woman sitting beside puts her hand down on the seat he just sat on.


Not speaking fluently is more of an advantage, rather acts like a plus point in the complex sexual game. He becomes, very ‘smooth’ with his dealing with women, as if getting into a different character, but he doesn’t need to do much, rather women ask him out. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that he easily ‘hit’ three digit figures.

The very thing that makes him so different than others, is his advantage. His little size actually compels women to approach him, as women crave novelty to try something different. His extensive travelling, and experiences enables him to be an excellent talker to close the ‘deal’. It appears women just want to have a ‘fling’ with him, but he doesn’t care because he is getting the only thing he needs, sex.


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