Melissa Chen


Smart and sexy, graduating from an ivy league college, editor of ‘secular humanist movement‘; Melissa Chen exposes the ridiculousness of religion, political correctness, censorship in academia and society.

She is from Singapore, and although I haven’t been there I know the women there are damn sexy, by looking at her it’s as if she was made to look like a barbie doll. People, there look like that, they are naturally thin, with very smooth oily skin. Coming from a strict society, ‘strict’ in the sense that the ‘social order’ is very rigid, people need to follow specific norms and values, which she has been a critic of.

Going through her fb page, she has a lot of bizarre photos, one can see the essence of her character; graduating from an ivy league college from the west, and now acting like a clown on social media. Asians have a tendency to be ‘overachievers’ which comes from a rigid society, a combination of culture, tradition, religious values. It’s not surprising that she would get a degree from a ‘stem’ field, no doubt pushed by her parents, as well as society.  It’s a great accomplishment for her family’s ‘social status’, which is very sacred for asians, but to be pushed to achieve top academic accomplishment is not really the outcome one expects. Well, not for every person, the majority of the population in asia are socially ‘conditioned’ to do that.


This notion that children need to get up at early in the morning, and stay in school till mid day is a ‘psychotic’ view to manage children. You can see her photos on her social media, she posts a lot of pictures with ‘thug’ caption on it, it’s her way to show, that she doesn’t like society’s rules. Getting a degree where she probably has no interest in that career path, she is now expressing herself in doing all other kinds of activities, activities that she as a person wants to do. Her thought process is confused, from an early age indoctrinated by the media and society, and not getting the chance to figure out one’s character.

chen5As she is of a high social status, many guys are apprehensive to go for her, in some ways it’s true, don’t expect her to tie the knot with a ‘blue collar’ guy. That doesn’t mean she isn’t going to have a ‘fling’ due to a guy’s status, knowing game, one can easily bed her. But for long term relationship, she will go for a high status guy, one who has at least an ivy league degree, and famous.


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