Minimalism buying


As I stayed with other foreign students, most of them had plenty of ‘indoor’ entertainment, large tv, music system, phones, and computer. I didn’t need so many of the stuff, but I needed a computer, and asked my roommate how much his pc cost, he replied 40 pounds (no pound symbol in my keyboard), I was shocked. In a european developed country a pc costs the same as in a developing one, but he told me that’s it’s refurbished pc. It was a ‘used’ dell pc, I was surprised that it was still running faster than any new pc. Most of them bought used stuff from shops at a price one-third the cost of a new one.

My budget was very low, and coming from south asia to a european city which is regarded as one of the most expensive city in the world, I had no choice but to put my bet on buying refurbished goods. I had some experience and knowledge in dealing with pc’s, looking up online to find a computers, I came across a IBM pc, I called up the guy who was going to sell and met him at his place. He was from south africa, and he was leaving so he had a lot of items to sell, I checked the ibm machine, and everything looked good, and paid him 60 pounds. A new computer would have cost me at least 300 pounds, I bought a tough reliable computer for only 20% of the value, and it was much faster than any new machine I used before.

I wouldn’t recommend buying stuff from others,  if one doesn’t have any idea about it. Someone who never opened up a computer it’s best to avoid it. In the same way, if one doesn’t know about cars, engine, and maintenance it’s better to avoid buying cars from other people. It’s quintessential to ALWAYS check the product before you pay, because there is no warranty, I heard some pretty funny stories when buyers didn’t check the product. If you don’t know about the product just take someone with you who has expertise. These are all ‘negotiations’ that one has to do in the market, and only instinct, experience, and knowledge can get you through, but if you do know how to buy ‘used’ goods it will definitely ease up the wallet.


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