Nymphomaniacs on the tube

It was the last train leaving the station, the train stood there waiting for any last minute passengers. Dark chilly night, almost half past midnight, I was eager to return home, to my warm room escaping the brutal wind. As the train doors were about to close, two blonde women laughing in a laconic manner, taking pictures of themselves, sprinted to the carriage I was in.

Already tired from my night shift, I wore a cap and slide it down to block the bright lights inside the train. Resting my head on my hand, I didn’t notice one of the women sitting beside me, rather my focus came to the women sitting just across me. She had a camcorder pointing straight at my face, my legs were crossed wearing heavy boots I wanted to kick the camcorder out of her hand, then she pointed the camera to the women beside me. I looked at her, she had bright red lips, straight blonde hair, legs crossed moving her boots like a cat’s tail, her cleavage bearing, her eyes on me.

There were several other guys on that carriage, they all had their eyes on me, anticipating my next move. It could have gone the other way, but I didn’t want to be in some late night porn rendezvous. Their mischief began, when the women beside ‘flashed’ for the camera, all the guys had their jaw drop, they were flashing every part of their body, one of them put her pants down right in front of a guy, her rear end groping the man’s face. Both women were also making out with one another, they were bisexual no doubt.

No longer wanting to be part of this circus, I stood up and moved to the next carriage, and saw their ‘acts’ through the glass window. One of the guys kept looking over, maybe he was in on this, he was sitting down kissing the rear end of the women, then giving her oral sex. There were maybe three or four other guys in there, they all had their share, and I am glad I didn’t take part in this, these women must have been shagged regularly by dozens of strangers, one can only guess what kind of STD they carry.

I looked up online, to see if I can find any videos of women on the tube, and behold they were there, but I am not absolutely sure these were the same girls, it happened a long while ago. They were highly sexual creatures, creatures one may come across at night on the london tube.


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