Final Warning



Hoping on the tube to spend the chilly night, I decided to stop at westminster station close to ‘big ben’, as I came out, there was no one there, the freezing temperatures really huddled people inside. I got out my phone to take some pictures, I noticed on my left side there was a woman who was also taking photographs, with her digital camera. At the station, we were the only two people in the windy night so as I went over to greet her, even before I uttered a single word, she weirdly moved her body as if keeping her photographic pose, then sprinted away from me. I was sort of stunned, the way she contorted her body to move away from me, was more bizarre than not acknowledging me.

Exploring other parts of the place, suddenly I hear a foot stomp, like a horse would stomp, I didn’t look, then I hear her shout ‘hey’, I looked over and she points her middle finger. Shocked at this, she quickly turns and enters the station, at the back of my mind, I wanted to ignore this whole situation, but other parts in me wanted to take action. As I got ready to come down the stairs, a station staff standing with a radio on his hand. The big bloke tells me, that I am ‘harassing’ a person, I clearly explained I did nothing of that sort, he didn’t listen to my explanation rather insisted that I am causing ‘nuisance’.

The girl, most likely an ideologue, telling stories to the staff to get me in trouble, using the law to punish others. I couldn’t even use that train station to get home, because the staff told me it would be ‘punishable’. Trying to talk some sense with ‘authorities’ was useless; I was given a final warning, if I didn’t leave he would call the police. I knew stations had their own transport police, ready to jump on guys without hesitation. I walked for almost half a mile, wind cutting through my skin like a knife, finally arrived at another station to get home.

Having this experience early on in a new country, made me apprehensive to even approach a girl, let alone say anything. Is it any wonder why Europe, the model of a ‘free society’ has turned into another middle eastern tyranny, why so many expats from the west move to other parts of the world.


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