Filtering pollutants

Propaganda headquarters

There are many liars, manipulators, ideologues in this world, some lie to fool others, some cheat to benefit their ego, some manipulate to compete, and ideologues just want to create chaos in society.

History is full of countless examples of ideologues twisting facts, manipulation and deception, selling propaganda to the masses. This also reveals the ‘side’ of the masses that cherish and admire those views, as has been well documented that people can do evil things if the structure enables it. However, if people are given the right direction they can counter and filter through the pollution of our evolved mind.

It’s very important to recognize our own biological limits it’s errors and viciousness, that has garnered our reputation as a creator and a destroyer. Having lived with ideologues, liars, manipulators my whole life I saw the true side of them which they were able to hide from outsiders, they were able to do so because the outsiders didn’t know how to ‘filter’ through the ‘bs’ being spouted at them. Take for example ‘psychopaths’ they are world class champion liars, and most people will not be able to detect the lie unless they verify, or have enough expertise to deal with it.

Psychopaths are world class champion liars.

How does one navigate through the sea of propaganda, how does one deal with ideologues, how does one deal with champion liars, well they need to use a ‘decoder’ as described below by evolutionary psychology ProfessorĀ Gad Saad.

Professor Saad with a decoder

If anyone wants to see how one can use such decoder it is well explained through the video. Who knows it may only be a matter of time that an app can decode the pollutants from our society, which may be able to navigate us through the misinformation from tv and other sites.

People do have innate characteristics to counter such clowns, instincts that allow us to tell if something is wrong, expertise to call out the ‘filth’ in our society. Rather people often choose to look the other way, and when the ideologues go too far then it’s too late to stop the chaos. History repeats itself because people do not understand the lessons from it.


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