Spicy Bakso


My mouth becomes watery every-time I look or even think about bakso. It is one of the most popular meals in Indonesia, it can be found anywhere from street vendors to restaurants. The type of bakso that I loved having was the one with full of flavors covered in red spice.

It’s a dish that has meatballs, noodles, chips, filled with delicious broth, there is variety in them, but it’s mostly spicy. Yet the one thing that I didn’t find westerners trying is the delicious bakso, simply because most westerners can’t eat spice, they could barely eat a spoon of the soup let alone the whole bowl ! As I am asian, spicy food was already part of our diet, and our body is accustomed to handle a wide variety of spices. Eating red hot chili peppers with our food is normal, yet to see a white person eat just one slice of chili is like comedy.

Our genetic makeup has designed our taste buds to be different from each geographical area. It’s also common that most asians will not find western food tasty, hence asian foods are popular abroad. Having spice lights up my senses, it’s strong smell hits the nose, it’s chemical reaction waters the mouth, it’s intensity jolts the mind, causes the eyes and nose to be runny, spicing up my experience.


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