Politicians in UK

One of things that I don’t regret and often have to explain to people why I didn’t stay in London, is from the picture above. As a person who share the same ethnicity from the politicians shown above, I am supposed to be proud but rather that is one of the reason I said goodbye to Londonistan.

The irony is the city that was once one of the most advanced place on earth, has now becomes a cesspool of left-wing, fascist, third world hell hole, that I wanted to get away from. Londistan is a more appropriate name for the city, it’s infrastructure once the envy of the world now looks like a prehistoric dinosaur, it’s diversity looks like an overcrowded zoo, it’s culture like a kitchen sink, it’s politics corrupt. Even though I tell others abroad about the situation they still find it hard to believe.

It’s not that I am a bigot who doesn’t like ethnic people, being a foreigner myself I want people from my background to represent the best values that the west has been built upon. However, the politicians that are representing the western values are not doing that, rather they will use it as a platform to push their own hidden agenda, they are savages in suits. They share the same tactics that their own national, cultural and family values produce, that has left their own country a monumental disaster.

They are savages in suits.

Much like capitalism, liberalism needed to be checked before allowing such mass scale migration into the west. Left-wingers, progressives have allowed such savage apes to enter their shores and in such large numbers. Champagne socialists ideas were to create a population that looks like a zoo, allowing savages from the worst ideological countries to come and spew their venom. The UK will reap what they sow, digging their own grave.


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