Try Earthing

Last week I saw blog ridiculing earthing, or grounding as others have called it. Indeed there are a lot of skeptics who call this pseudoscience, but having looked at the inner workings of our market system, our ‘professionals’ lack of objective assessment they would have come to this conclusion.

The problem with a consumer driven market is it creates plenty of ‘false’ narratives ridiculing other free and natural methods of treatment. There is plenty of examples of how industry will seek to create ailments for the sake of growing the healthcare sector, without growth the economy will halt, resulting in worldwide repercussions. Looking at earthing I am still skeptical about it’s workings, however having seen the benefit first hand I feel it’s another free method to improve your health.

There are those who think and analyze our environment through a certain framework, and they can’t see or are unable to explain phenomena that are outside their boundary. In science there those who want to measure a fact within their limited view, and then there are those who are open to explore that is outside their view. For example, many indigenous shamans have plenty of natural cures to ailments however the ‘pharmaceutical’ industry will claim that they are all pseudoscience.


Having read about earthing, there are certain aspects which are not helpful, such as having mats, pads connected to the ground. Rather, the best way to see the benefit, is taking a walk on a beach, the beach is one of the best places to feel the healing benefits. One can see the difference by experimenting, walking one day with shoes and another without shoes to see the changes. They should go to places like water, wet ground, grass, beach any place that is not covered with concrete or other conductive materials and see the difference. Often times I see people doing yoga out on the open ground on a mat, the mat is acting as an insulator to the body from the ground, thus people are not reaping it’s benefits.

Whether the physical sensation from the sandy beach, or water, or grass on the barefoot is aiding the health benefits is up for debate, but it needs to be looked into with open minds. In the meantime, one should walk out on the open ground to try earthing, and judge for themselves.


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