Charming Liar


Cold dead stare, her eyes wide and fixed, her head uneasily balanced with her left hand. The dark shirt showing her dark intentions, she a predator, her lips trying to smile but holding back.

One can see through a person if they pay enough attention to what the body language says about them. People often can pick up the subtle differences that should warn them about dangers, but most likely they tend to ignore it, which causes unforeseen consequences. Media was gloating over the crime of Jodi Arias, a hot looking woman committing gruesome act, yet they were also feeding her the thing she wanted most, attention.

I recently was going through some videos and came upon this clip ,where she was extremely charming when interacting with the media personnel. Her soft delicate voice would convince any novice of her innocence, her warm smile and facial expression will make any man warm the heart, her words short and calculating. The eye opener was when she was putting on makeup but told not to roll the camera.

One of the psychopathic traits is the use of charm, one can see she has extensively used it to get the things she wants. It’s her way to manipulate and deceive others of her true identity, to mask her hideous side. Her beauty used to seduce and trap their victims. Lack of empathy and consciousness enables her to lie through a straight face. After all she is more interested on how she looks in the media. How and why did our species create this creature is baffling, but with more understanding of our body, perhaps we can get rid of such scourge from the human race.


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