I first came across the term ‘anglobitch‘ on some sites, and it typically represent the girls from the picture above. A wild eyed blonde, who doesn’t care about her actions, wearing trashy clothes hanging out with filthy thugs, who with their tongues out are ready to devour her.

As I frequently see when abroad the antics of the anglo woman, I feel the term described above suits them perfectly. Especially from the north america region they have a grandiose attitude about themselves, thinking they are some mega celebrity expecting others to treat them that way. They are an out of control species that wreak havoc, always being the loudest and arrogant in any setting, devouring and consuming anything that comes in their way, they do whatever and whenever they want.

Gifted with such tremendous beauty, they have this chip on their shoulder that they are some kind of ‘vip’. While the europeans are less ‘self-centered’ than their counterparts however they also show the same tactics, devouring anything that comes in their way. As the culture in their own nations are teared down, they are no longer responsible for their own heritage, values, their race. As one can see when abroad, rather than continuing their own traditions, they are on a mission to ‘cock-carousel’ the whole world.

rather than continuing their own traditions, they are on a mission to ‘cock-carousel’ the whole world.

One needs to ask how and why did such events take place, this brings up a whole complexity of the issue. Culture is crucial and if the women from the anglo race are bought up in the leftist policy, they will bear the fruits of what radical feminism, forced multiculturalism, post-modernism, and neoliberalism has produced. However one needs to dig deeper into the past, what are the conditions 200 years ago that led to this, also their genetic past, what were the genetic traits 20,000 years ago, a million years ago. Are they simply the barbarians they were in the past, which explains their ‘whoring’ with thugs, all of this needs to be studied to better understand the degenerate behavior of the ‘anglobitch’.


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