East and West – color


Picture on the left side is of a british celebrity who is well known for her excessive tanning, her skin so tanned that she looks like an alien. Whereas the picture on the right side is promoting fairer skin tone, to change the color like a chameleon.

Both sides of the atlantic are infatuated with the skin color of one another, they are interested in having a different skin tone. For the british woman, having a darker bronze color makes her standout from the crowd, it makes her look exotic, different from the general population. For someone with dark skin, having a fair complexion means more than just standing out. Due to caste structure in indian-subcontinent having white skin tone ensures they are high on the social structure, which comes with it’s benefits. It shows the sexual selection theory, which ultimately is signaling for attracting mates.

It will come as no surprise that most of the color changes are done by women, since signaling attractiveness is inherent. However, this often leads to obsessive disorder for youths, they cause more harm to the body and their natural beauty by altering their given tone; using excess chemicals on the skin is harmful. Tanning in some ways is normal as people can be out soaking under the sun, but too much sun will scorch the body. While skin whitening with too much chemicals will often bleach the skin, making it look like unnatural, thereby destroying the beauty.

Having these ‘color’ changes in society, will only bring more stress to youths, not only from the culture, media, but also from close members. Rather than trying to change the beauty standards, there should be an appreciation of their own natural beauty.


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