Hikkaduwa the place of warm sun, sandy beach, tall coconut trees, a place where one can go diving in coral reefs, see turtles. It’s also the place for night-life, where plenty of things are explored.

As I was heading south I remembered to check out this place, because I had already missed it once. I got off the train station quickly, and instantly booked a place to stay. As I was walking to my hotel, I see two asian women, most likely Japanese who were briskly walking barefoot, one of them seemed in pain. I inquired to see if she was ok, her expression was stone cold; I was thinking to myself this place is something else.

After reaching the hotel which was a clean place, but had poor cooling, I went out to look for a bicycle to rent. Most people though the I was looking for a motorbike, rather than a bicycle, but having walked for an hour I finally found a place where they rent bikes. An old woman looked at me and inquired where I am from, which place I was staying, but didn’t want to rent the bicycle to me; I knew the reason so I moved to another shop which was luckily nearby, and got one.

I have always enjoyed cycling, it allows me to really absorb the environment I am in with the right pace, giving me flexibility in going through difficult terrain, and at the same time giving me much needed exercise. I stopped over at the turtle conservation center, there were maybe a dozen european girls in there, all of them looked like they are saints, trying to save the turtles, all the while taking pictures like this.

saving turtles

They were more interested in the publicity of the center, the recognition, signalling virtue, the photos, rather than the main mission of conservation. It is indeed an inherent characteristics especially among the selfish gene pool.

At night a different story starts, the whole energy of the sun drowns and booze and lights takes over. It’s the place where white women spread their legs to get creamed. Going back to my place around midnight, I see a group of british girls, stone drunk making sounds like chimps, talking randomly to passerby. They somehow manage to get a scooter with one girl lying on the floor and another one sitting the opposite way. That’s just the start of their night cock carouselĀ adventure and hikkaduwa happens to be one of them.


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