Rewarding criminals

refugees partying

What better way to get welcomed with open arms from blonde women, given shelter and food and all the benefits one could ever want, for an aspiring migrant. That’s the way the west rewards illegal aliens.

During my time in London, which is the center of leftist cesspool, seeing firsthand how the marxist crowd have left their society, a degenerate corrupted place, a shadow of their former self. It is there that one can see radical ideologues given all kinds of freedom and power, they never had back home, yet calling for the butchering of the host nation people. Maybe that is what the left wants, their own pathology has bought their own death wish.

Whether it’s north america or western europe, they all reward those who entered illegally. Anyone who wishes to go to the west, will find the legal procedure to be exhausting, bureaucratic process, lengthy time, and what will they find when they get there. They will face leftist loons who will put them into groups, taking away their individuality, categorize them as an ‘oppressor’ and the illegal alien as ‘oppressed’. They will make sure that all the ‘contributions’ of the legal migrant will be handed down to the criminals.

Policy of the neo-marxists has led people to believe that all the productive members of society are ‘predators’ whereas the thugs are ‘infants’. Aspiring migrants should avoid the west at all costs, however one can take advantage of this situation by catering to liberals. It’s certain for sure unless the left-wingers are crushed there is no way the west can recuperate.

No wonder, one can see why western women will spread their legs for thugs as they see them as ‘oppressed’ the one who needs to be taken care, to civilize them. Another classic example of female pathology, who are ultimately responsible for these leftist policies, as they hold most of the power structures which they were able to hijack due to the leftist tactics of ‘collective narcissism’.


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