Chaos adventure


Carrying a suitcase on her shoulders, wearing traditional clothes walking through a filthy flooded place. Water up to her thighs, her conduct attracting the attention of the locals, the boys laughing maliciously in the background.

Such is the state of affairs in a world far from what she had experienced. It always makes me curious as to why people want to experience living in hell, rather than staying in the comfort of their home. Do they want to experience suffering to value comfort, answering this requires exploring vast areas of our ideological thoughts.

Most foreigners who come here are a rarity, they often go to neighboring countries simply because of the picture above. From this one picture it can give anyone an idea about the situation in the ground. Few people would want to visit a place where they can’t even properly drain the flood water, let alone being laughed at by a group of hyenas.

A light hair, fair skin women from the west will get attention to anyplace she goes, having this close attention from locals increases her social hierarchy. Living in a developed country ensured that she never had to carry a bag on her shoulders let alone walk through flooded sewage water. Experiencing the opposite is her ‘bucket-list’ of ‘adventures’; being mocked by ‘naught boys’ is another thrill for her, rather than having her suitcase carried by some ‘nice’ guy.

Different conditions create vastly different experiences for each individual, as much as she is comfortable in her own home, experiencing the chaos of living conditions, having the attention of annoying guys plays very much to her innate characteristics.


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