Blame Game


One will realize when interacting with narcissists that they are master manipulators, they play the blame game expertly, they will target their prey and victimize them making sure they get all the blame.

Strategy of narcissists is to identify a scapegoat that they can shift all of their life’s problems, abuse and victimize them to bear the burden of guilt. They will also have a ‘golden’ ideal person to worship and make sure that they are catered to all the time. Within a family dynamics this is extremely common among members who have this psychiatric disorder, to manipulate their victims often their own family member whilst glorifying their ‘ideal’ child.

In a larger societal level, this practice can often be seen among politicians, radical groups, who will easily manipulate their language, in order to convince the followers. People who are taking part in those groups and are actively promoting it, are by no means have any psychological disorder, but they are no doubt the victims of a master manipulative leader.  It often becomes very difficult for the individual who is in a cult group to have a different view; not only does the person need to contend with a brutal leader, but also need to deal with the whole group, the culture, often times the structure itself.

As people realize the tactics of narcissists, psychopaths they will need to educate themselves about their personality traits which will aid them to identify their true hidden intentions. Thus people can be careful and not play the blame game.


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