Capsule Hotels


It looks as if it came from the future, whether it is from a spaceship, or from a first class aisle in a airline, it’s design and functionality is futuristic. I mostly stay in hostels, and luckily I got the chance to stay in a capsule dormitory.

Looking at the images on the web and reading about capsule rooms, not only fascinated me but also bothered me, how could people stay in such enclosed space. That’s what I had to find out, having stayed in several rooms, none of them felt enclosed to me, instead I felt more free space.

Innovation and utilization of space created this wonderful experience of staying in hotels. The dormitories from a distance gives the impression of  a morgue/prison beds, however they are organized and clean. There are ingenious ways to create space, like having closets underneath the bed or on the side of the wall where one can keep their luggage, there is a table, which includes table lamps, with multiple adapters where one can charge devices, depending on which hotel one stays, there are additional facilities like tv, card access to beds.

The capsule beds actually offer more space and facilities to the individual rather than just regular bunk beds. Sleeping in an enclosed space, makes one feel very isolated, it reduces outside noise and is very quiet and relaxing to sleep. However there are disadvantages as well, like changing your clothes or packing can be very difficult. I had to change my clothes while lying on the bed all the while a woman was giggling at me !

Most of the hostels I stayed near the city had capsule architecture, whereas the further I got away had more regular bunk bed style. For backpackers, this new model has been a great advantage, not only are they affordable but allows them to relax in a room with travelers all over the globe, do try out the capsule hotels, it’s an experience which will make you want to go there again.

Delicious Blue

chk2-1Blue color that calms you, makes you float, awestruck, light, pleasant and even delicious.

Golden blond hair, dark red lips, creamy fair skin, floats with the blue dress. A smooth cut, from her feet to her thighs, wrapping around her curvy rear end, only to open up to her shoulders.

Yellow carpet besides asphalt, the onlookers stare, and admire the beauty with the delicious blue.

Bold Black


Yesterday night I saw this picture, and I could barely breathe. Later I didn’t think about it much, but in my dreams this stunning picture appeared out of nowhere, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Eva Green, is the epitome of a goddess beauty, it’s as if she was bought in this world, from the strike of thunder from the clouds, and descendant to earth, to humble us all. I could write about her fit, slim, beautifully engineered body for the whole day ! Rather I will talk about her perfect heels; the heels are ‘simple’ yet it shows elegance, sexiness, lightweight, perfect curves, and laces that compliment her stunning legs and feet. I often see, women who wear really large obnoxious, with jewelery designs heels. Just keep it simple with black color heels.


Cq7Rj-yXYAA_fJK  Here is Olivia Wilde, wearing a black dress with jewelery, the color black has a stunning attraction to the person, black color contrasts well with white skin, therefore the combination is stunning. Her heels are simple too, not much design, and shiny, which makes her legs look so elegant and sexy.

Women with such beauty and wearing black bold dress makes it always look classy, therefore always in my dreams whether I want it or not.

Classy women and finance

elles2While I was living in London, traveling on the tube in the morning there were gorgeous, ambitious, sexy women, very focused wearing tight suits and stunning heels. During lunch break, in the financial district of the town, people were out, drinking and relaxing, a completely different mood; the women were laid back, their hair down, joking and sipping wine. I was reminded of that scene, when I was watching the news and this incredibly beautiful blonde gorgeous women took my breath away. She was explaining all the financial jargon, that makes most people confused, into understandable words. Her stunning looks and her amazing contagious smile will keep you hypnotized.

Lenore Hawkins, is the co-author of ‘cocktail investing’, founder of investment company, she regularly appears on tv to offer her financial expertise. Women and finance, do mesh together, as it’s not surprising that women consume majority of products and services, more women indeed need to be in finance.


She posts amazing sights from different countries on her social media, sipping wine and enjoying the gorgeous view, it kind of makes me want to pack my bags and join her ! Looking at one of her pictures of her feet, I noticed how large they were, it made me question the genetics of humans, and the evolution of homo sapiens.

I noticed the women in the west are not only physically different but they are also psychologically different as well. Talking about this is politically incorrect, and political correctness stifles a discussion which people should have in order to have proper vision for our future. Physically white caucasian women are much taller, and bigger (not fat), their bones are much thicker than people from the east, they obviously have a much fairer and creamy skin, with golden hue hair. One will notice they have a larger forehead, which makes them more ambitious than their asian counterparts, they can take more risks. As they are physically larger they are more independent, and continue to pursue their goals, they are more involved in societal institutions.

Talking about this is politically incorrect, and political correctness stifles a discussion which people should have in order to have proper vision for our future


neandtThis difference leads many people to conclude that there is indeed genetic differences between people from different continents and race, which is not politically correct thing to say so. Sure there are people from different parts of the world who show similar mental capabilities, but that does not reflect the average of a particular country. Homo sapiens evolved with different abilities, evolution is based on difference. It was found that people have some percent of ‘neanderthal’ genes, looking at people from west, this can be seen. An accurate depiction of a neanderthal women is shown here, not the cartoonish caricature as people think they are. From homo sapiens they were physically and mentally different.

Homo sapiens evolved with different abilities, evolution is based on difference

The fact that each race has different physical and mental characteristics, is not popular among a lot of people, I think people are afraid of the repercussions that it will bring, this will obviously be a political dynamite. Meanwhile, keep listening to the gorgeous Hawkins, and enjoy the wonderful sights she posts !





Classy music and women

Emotions run through the mind, the thoughts, the eyes, the lips, eventually every part of the body, that’s what music feels to me; not every music, but music that connects with me emotionally, music that creates an amazing experience, music that is classical.

Classical music is what creates this experience, in todays culture most artists on tv are loud obnoxious singers creating lyrics and beats that are already predetermined. Pop culture music although some are good, but most of them are temporary sounds to feed hungry enthusiastic’s.


Even in a country like ours, somehow I stumbled on satellite tv channel called cmusictv, and I got hooked to it so easily, I never knew that a channel that plays classical music could even exist. One musician that literally took my breath away was Lavinia Meijer, she looked incredibly ‘classy’, someone who is extremely disciplined, extremely talented, highly intellectual, yet very feminine.

Lavinia Meijer, performs by playing the harp, she makes music that was played by other instruments to the harp, which requires incredible talent and hand precision. I never heard tunes, that fills the mind in so many ways. Her performance of ‘metamorphis’  by Philip Glass is one of the most enthralling experiences. Please do check it out below.


Listening to it, brings peace in my mind, my body, it makes you want to explore the world, find the mysteries, and most importantly heals my mind. Recognizing the impact of amazing music, an amazing artist, a classy woman like Lavinia Meijer.