From a distance they look like mountains, an enormous creature, an immovable object, their features sure to scare others.

A genetic freak, they have unusual bone structures that make them look like monsters, their size is impressive often twice the size and strength of other people. They suffer from acromegaly, a disease that releases excess growth hormone. Genetic mutations have caused this particular disorder that if not treated can cause fatality; a person afflicted will continue to keep growing, this often causes difficulties to internal organs.

It is possible that have been told in earlier stories about giants, regarded as myths as it describes people who are enormously large. Although the true size of giants in stories is often exaggerated, it is perfectly reasonable to assume there could have been ‘giants’ that are over ten feet tall, as it has been proven in recent times.

Being so large has it’s advantage as they can become famous, getting on the entertainment sector has been a way to be able to express themselves. From sports to acting they have enjoyed their success, being so large and famous also aids them in getting lots of women. It is unique among any other hominids, that certain people exhibit such radical size differences that makes them stand out.

East and West : weight

weight loss  –   weight gain

Two different ads from two different worlds. One ad depicts the typical weight loss picture found all over the web and billboards across the west, and another ad depicts weight gain found commonly across south asia.

Most people find it hard to believe whenever I tell them that there are ads, in south asia for ‘weight-gain’ spread across billboards, tv, as it’s the exact opposite they experience back home. It goes back to my earlier post regarding skin color, there is an obsession among each culture to look different by desiring traits from abroad.

Often times the rhetoric from the anglo elites is that people from the south don’t get proper nutrition, diet, and lack food however that is not the case. Considering the fact it is one of the most populated regions in the world, there isn’t any lack of food or nutrition; in fact there are more fatty foods, as most meals are doused in highly concentrated fat. What explains the phenomena behind slim people, it isn’t about diet, or environment, but it is mostly due to genetic factors.

Sure the food is different here, and people like to have spice and vigor in their meals, the environment is hot and humid, which may be a factor, however they are minor instances to the genetic reality. This can be proven by people, who originally come from the south migrate to the west from childhood, but they don’t see much difference in gaining weight. In the same way, people from the west even if they are born in the south will typically be physically different, that is be more heavier and taller than their counterparts.

People simply cannot accept the conditions that they are in. In the east the culture states that people should be ‘healthy’, by healthy it means someone who is fair skin, tall and ‘burly’, certainly the entertainment industry demands that. It goes to our underlying desire for novelty, whether it’s someone who is tall and burly being told to cut weight and be different, or someone who is slim and short being told to be the opposite.

Perhaps it’s the genes that is desiring our change, the genetic variations that we are now seeing being exchanged could be another way of nature trying to reproduce something different.

Chaos adventure


Carrying a suitcase on her shoulders, wearing traditional clothes walking through a filthy flooded place. Water up to her thighs, her conduct attracting the attention of the locals, the boys laughing maliciously in the background.

Such is the state of affairs in a world far from what she had experienced. It always makes me curious as to why people want to experience living in hell, rather than staying in the comfort of their home. Do they want to experience suffering to value comfort, answering this requires exploring vast areas of our ideological thoughts.

Most foreigners who come here are a rarity, they often go to neighboring countries simply because of the picture above. From this one picture it can give anyone an idea about the situation in the ground. Few people would want to visit a place where they can’t even properly drain the flood water, let alone being laughed at by a group of hyenas.

A light hair, fair skin women from the west will get attention to anyplace she goes, having this close attention from locals increases her social hierarchy. Living in a developed country ensured that she never had to carry a bag on her shoulders let alone walk through flooded sewage water. Experiencing the opposite is her ‘bucket-list’ of ‘adventures’; being mocked by ‘naught boys’ is another thrill for her, rather than having her suitcase carried by some ‘nice’ guy.

Different conditions create vastly different experiences for each individual, as much as she is comfortable in her own home, experiencing the chaos of living conditions, having the attention of annoying guys plays very much to her innate characteristics.

3 Bucks


All three of them tangled in a circle, their antlers interlocked with one another, all underneath the water. Mind, body, mission geared to fight to the death, in order to procreate with a female.

Here we have three bucks, who are carrying out their inherent characteristics, to compete within a dominance hierarchy. A classic case of intrasexual selection, within a male group in any complex animals. Whoever fights it out, and comes out the winner will be at the top of the social hierarchy, thus the female will choose the top male. Nature is testing out the ‘survival of the fittest’ theory, who is the strongest, yet cunning to be the victor and successfully pass on their genes.

However, there are instances when nature does not get things right, especially in this case, when all the male bucks have died fighting each other. As females have ‘outsourced’ their selection process to males, they do not have to face the brunt of danger. Herein, lies the problem with ‘selection’ in of itself, as there has been in many cases with all kinds of complex animals, including humans where this leads to genetic traits that have no benefits whatsoever in nature. For example males having large antlers, females like them, but males faced extreme burden which ultimately caused the species to be extinct.

Sexual arms race continues within organisms, this ultimately lead to our own species that can change the very fabric of nature itself, maybe nature had intended this. The invisible hand of nature will do things that are beyond our comprehension, but looking at the picture reminds us of the bare tooth and claw of nature.

East and West – color


Picture on the left side is of a british celebrity who is well known for her excessive tanning, her skin so tanned that she looks like an alien. Whereas the picture on the right side is promoting fairer skin tone, to change the color like a chameleon.

Both sides of the atlantic are infatuated with the skin color of one another, they are interested in having a different skin tone. For the british woman, having a darker bronze color makes her standout from the crowd, it makes her look exotic, different from the general population. For someone with dark skin, having a fair complexion means more than just standing out. Due to caste structure in indian-subcontinent having white skin tone ensures they are high on the social structure, which comes with it’s benefits. It shows the sexual selection theory, which ultimately is signaling for attracting mates.

It will come as no surprise that most of the color changes are done by women, since signaling attractiveness is inherent. However, this often leads to obsessive disorder for youths, they cause more harm to the body and their natural beauty by altering their given tone; using excess chemicals on the skin is harmful. Tanning in some ways is normal as people can be out soaking under the sun, but too much sun will scorch the body. While skin whitening with too much chemicals will often bleach the skin, making it look like unnatural, thereby destroying the beauty.

Having these ‘color’ changes in society, will only bring more stress to youths, not only from the culture, media, but also from close members. Rather than trying to change the beauty standards, there should be an appreciation of their own natural beauty.

Try Earthing

Last week I saw blog ridiculing earthing, or grounding as others have called it. Indeed there are a lot of skeptics who call this pseudoscience, but having looked at the inner workings of our market system, our ‘professionals’ lack of objective assessment they would have come to this conclusion.

The problem with a consumer driven market is it creates plenty of ‘false’ narratives ridiculing other free and natural methods of treatment. There is plenty of examples of how industry will seek to create ailments for the sake of growing the healthcare sector, without growth the economy will halt, resulting in worldwide repercussions. Looking at earthing I am still skeptical about it’s workings, however having seen the benefit first hand I feel it’s another free method to improve your health.

There are those who think and analyze our environment through a certain framework, and they can’t see or are unable to explain phenomena that are outside their boundary. In science there those who want to measure a fact within their limited view, and then there are those who are open to explore that is outside their view. For example, many indigenous shamans have plenty of natural cures to ailments however the ‘pharmaceutical’ industry will claim that they are all pseudoscience.


Having read about earthing, there are certain aspects which are not helpful, such as having mats, pads connected to the ground. Rather, the best way to see the benefit, is taking a walk on a beach, the beach is one of the best places to feel the healing benefits. One can see the difference by experimenting, walking one day with shoes and another without shoes to see the changes. They should go to places like water, wet ground, grass, beach any place that is not covered with concrete or other conductive materials and see the difference. Often times I see people doing yoga out on the open ground on a mat, the mat is acting as an insulator to the body from the ground, thus people are not reaping it’s benefits.

Whether the physical sensation from the sandy beach, or water, or grass on the barefoot is aiding the health benefits is up for debate, but it needs to be looked into with open minds. In the meantime, one should walk out on the open ground to try earthing, and judge for themselves.

British legacy

cricket match in Colombo

Cricket is widely popular among south asians, it can be equated to as the most important ‘popular’ sports culture in those countries. In fact even among the most rural communities, cricket is being played and followed like a religion.

While abroad in another south asian country, I happened to be in the time where a test match was being played between the host nation and from mine. As soon as I entered the arena, I was surprised to see the level of interest regular folks had over the game. Even though it was a test match, which is a lot longer and slower than other versions of the game, people were on the edge of their seats.

One can see why the game is so popular, given the mental strategy required to outperform the opponents. It’s where players need to wear helmets, and body protection to protect themselves from a very hard ball, coming at a person at lightning speed. A dangerous but yet civilized game. However, the main reason of it’s popularity is because of the British empire, it’s the empire legacy that people of the host nation adopted to playing what the ‘elites’ liked to play, and also what to drink, hence ‘tea’ is also a celebrated ‘cultural’ drink.

While sitting on the ground enjoying a lovely day, with green grass, blue sky, sun shining, with players battling on the field, I am reminded of how people are celebrating the legacy of one of history’s largest empire.

Gorilla and Man


Last night I was watching the world strongest man competition, I noticed most of the elite athletes are from Europe, and they are all of anglo race. They are extremely genetically unique, all are large and powerful, and wondered how will they measure up with one of our closest primate.

Almost all the athletes are well over six foot tall, and weighed over 350 lbs, they were twice the size as an average person. One of the largest is Hafþór Björnsson, an Icelandic athlete, standing close to seven feet, and weighing over 400 lbs ! Only our closest primate comes close to matching this impressive size, a silver-back gorilla.

Let’s imagine if we had neanderthals, and erectus still alive, we probably would have a similar strongest ‘hominid’ competition, no doubt the neanderthals would have won. However this also depends on the ‘type’ of activities to measure ‘strength’, because it will be difficult to measure for each body type, some activities will favor long arms whereas other activities the reverse. In a similar way, it’s unfair to match up an elite athlete with either a captive or wild gorilla, simply because the animal isn’t professionally trained to carry out those tasks.

A gorilla is naturally very muscular, even captive gorillas look like they are body builders, an average person will not be bulging muscles, without a specific work ethic. In some way, a wild gorilla that has proper nutrition, and has enough physical tasks in the wild, can be tested for strength with a professional human.

Competitors in the competition are all very large but without professional training, nutrition, motivation, can they measure up with our large primates, most probably not. However, this should have been tested years ago, scientists, entertainers should have envisioned it before.

East or West

One of things that I like doing is taking pictures of places that most people don’t bother to look. In the early morning whenever I got out to explore Bali, I was exposed to the beautiful ritual by women, who wore traditional dress and offer their blessings for a good day.

While on the right side of the picture, an anglo women is wearing a neck pillow, with shades and snoring her way to another country, these are two very contrasting pictures. One women appears spiritually in peace, devout to her culture, religion, customs; whereas the other one is discontent, uneasy, devoid of any life. Every time I would walk past the road the local women would acknowledge my presence, greet me with a smile, while an anglo woman didn’t ever bother to manage a smile.

This made me question about how critical the culture plays in shaping human behavior, obviously there are genetic differences, however it cannot take hold of how people would conduct themselves in an environment with unlimited behavioral possibilities. Any nation, society, group will fall into chaos without a proper culture, as can be seen from the picture above. Even though the western girl is travelling at the speed of sound, thousands of feet up in the air, exploring continents, she is devoid of any spirituality, happiness, connection with the outside world.

Often times I wonder how much romantic consumerism is infecting people with ideals, one doesn’t necessarily need to hop from one place to another to feel ‘ecstatic’, as touring places I found many people who never traveled outside their own country yet they were full of joy.

Without a proper decent culture and spirituality, any nation will fall into chaos, it’s society will not function, it’s structure will crumble, in it’s weakness another conquering culture will take over as can be seen in the world.

Future possibilities


Anytime one looks at global events, hears the news, they are always plastered with terrible things, whether its round the clock cable news tv, online news portals, or in campuses. As people are more focused on the ‘dangers’ of our environment, this gets more attention within each of us, rather than focusing on the tolerant aspects of our world.

That is not to say that we shouldn’t ignore the ‘dangers’ of our environment, however I feel that they are being ‘magnified’ by certain groups in our society. Most people are doing the best that they can to improve the environment, society, and the economy; whereas there are those who constantly whine and grime about society, expecting apes that came out of the Savannah several million years ago to fix things immediately.

As one travels the world, and observe astutely of society, people, and culture they can see hope and optimism in so many areas. It is a wonder that apes out of the jungle have built sophisticated technology, infrastructure, and complex structure that allows anyone to travel all over the world. We are now living in a world, where one can have breakfast in Singapore, have lunch in Dubai, and then have dinner in Paris.


We are now living in a world, where one can have breakfast in Singapore, have lunch in Dubai, and then have dinner in Paris.

Think about the statement for a second, a person can eat their breakfast in a cafe in Singapore, go to the airport with excellent transportation facility, travel at the speed of sound in a jet airplane, stop over for lunch in Dubai, then head to Paris for a beautiful candlelight dinner. Our ancestors hundreds of years ago could never imagine that people one day will be able to eat their meals in different continents within a day.

Our ancestors hundreds of years ago could never imagine that people one day will be able to eat their meals in different continents within a day.

While this access isn’t available for every person on the planet, a quick tour to any mega airport will reveal the answer, the latest data shows more than a billion people have traveled internationally last year.

Where does this lead us, one can only guess as the physicists Michio Kaku, stated that we are seeing the changes of a multicultural society, based on scientific principles, and tolerant people. Obviously there would be a lot of conflict and hesitation by people, but we can also see the evidence of a society that is the pinnacle of human excellence.