Citizens identity


selfish pool

Today our country is celebrating the Bengali new year, the main celebrations are occurring nearby, this time I am looking at the event from a different perspective, a perspective that questions the identity of our culture.

A colorful event to watch, with the sun shining down to dazzle at the array of bright clothes, music, and food. With so many cultural events, one has to ask why do so few tourists come here ? As I toured around our neighboring countries there were literally millions of tourists from all over the world, their plans were to circle our neighboring countries, yet they wouldn’t even spend a dime to even transit through our country.

Selfish gene


The one thing that I noticed straightaway when I boarded the flight, is just how selfish bengali people are, they are extremely rude, loud, uncoordinated individuals, who lack any sort of decency. Yes other countries have the same issues, but there is another level of selfishness that bengali people have which will crown them as one of the most selfish bastards to ever walk this planet.

Tourists who come here, want to have a pleasant experience, sure they will meet one or two decent people for touring, but it doesn’t change the fact that they will also have to deal with 90% of the egotistic public.

People show extreme acts of compassion, because they are also capable of extreme form of cruelty, the act of compassion is a mask to hide their hedonistic selfishness.

Garbage infrastructure

One of the lies that the egotistic politicians have been spreading around is our country doesn’t have the economic capability, to improve the infrastructure. This lie allowed them to get billions of dollars for infrastructure mostly from the west, to build shit-hole roads. Our nation is economically stronger than several of our neighboring countries, yet they have excellent roads, electric grids, express highways, trains, so the lie has been caught out.

Which leads to the point made above, it’s not only the politicians but the general public who are extremely narcissistic, lying, manipulative selfish bitch they are, no wonder very few tourists will ever come back to this filth.

Identity of the people

Whenever one steps away from the matrix, one can look at it from a different perspective, this perspective allows one to critically analyse the structure. Sure we have colorful extravaganza, and sights to see, and sure we show a very compassionate side to foreigners, but there is also another side, the dominant trait that the citizens of our nation is they are very manipulative, greedy, disorganized, lying selfish bastards.

License to Parent


There are licenses for driving, diving, flying, for professions like doctors, engineers, construction workers, yet there seems no license requirement for parenting. Society does not look at the importance of rearing children and marriage as a responsibility but rather a service. Ultimate cost of improper parenting and family union is being paid heavily by society.

Ultimate cost of improper parenting and family union is being paid heavily by society.

Now, I have wrote about the bureaucracy of public institutions and the complexity of the issue of even proposing a parenting license. Even starting to conceptualize the requirements, procedures, and measurements needed to give a license is a tall task. However, one needs to look at the true cost to a family, community, economy, nation and cultural aspects when measuring the devastation of childhood abuse.

Whether it’s the west or the east, one thing is for sure high IQ people tend to reproduce far less. A quick tour in parts of east london, inner cities in new york, or the slums of mumbai its evident that lower socioeconomic status means more children. That doesn’t mean higher socioeconomic status people are better at parenting, but by having less children they are reducing the impact.

In most cases, poverty means early marriage which is again the root cause of all problems, and then popping out half-a-dozen kids means more financial and social responsibility. A license will appear to be a preliminary assessment tool to judge both sexes as well as for the family, and community to measure if couples are ready to start a family.

A license will appear to be a preliminary assessment tool to judge both sexes as well as for the family

The same way one needs to have a license to drive, or to practice medicine it gives validation to the responsibility and duties that a individual needs. For too long, the economical, political, social community have not taken parenting as a serious ‘profession’, because the costs come in so many various avenues it has not been measured properly, but implementing right tools will reduce the impact on society.

Social competition

All the wars, violence, weapons, conflict, competition, inequality, environmental destruction can be narrowed down to only one thing: sexual selection. It sounds ridiculous to the casual reader, but it’s the honest truth. Observing society and people’s behavior by taking a back seat, will reveal outlines of our structure. A structure that will soon crumble under it’s enormous weight.


Hierarchy existed long before we started walking upright, and it will continue to exist, but it’s the basis of our social organization. A classic example of hierarchy and social standing is of the Roman era, on the left we have ‘Spartacus’ a captured slave, turned gladiator. On the right we have a ‘Praetor’ a roman citizen, commander of an army, having more power than a gladiator and the general public. However they are both competing for ‘status’, for a gladiator the reputation is in the arena, the ability to fight, cheer the crowd, and gain respect; similarly a ‘praetor’ is competing for the Roman republic, the battle and victories for his battalion, will gain him respect and honor to people in power.

Even though ‘Spartacus’ was a slave, he gained social dominance over a roman general, due to his standing as ‘champion’ in the arena, his fame aided him, thus women will  generally gravitate towards him rather than a ‘praetor’. Other gladiators who were not ‘champions’ or famous wouldn’t be able to compete with a high standing roman citizen.


David Petraeus is high on the social ladder, a general, highly educated with power not only in politics but the army, thus he will attract plenty of women, as writer Paula Broadwell is one of them. Even though Paula Broadwell is married, the instincts to procreate with a high status male cannot be missed. Only guys who are of higher standing can compete with the general, such as Senators, Presidents or other famous celebrities.

Whether the general public realize it or not, the evolutionary instincts that has been hardwired in us can often times confuse people, due to the rapid changes in society, culture, technology. Intrasexual competition does not necessarily mean war, but a proxy war, males are competing with one another to gain social standing, because at the end of the day we are hardwired to pass on as many copies of our genes.

Freshly Toasty


The smell of the baking breads from the bakery, the warm freshly placed baguettes on the aisle, it’s golden color lighting from the hot oven, the crisp noise when one touches it, the soft white flesh when one tastes it.

It’s what I am reminded of when I saw the picture above, a french woman legs right beside french baguettes, oh the irony . It must be the delicious food they eat, that produce such stunners.

Evolution works mysteriously, complex formulas produce such symmetry and beauty that we are designed to react, as much as I love eating freshly baked french baguettes, a fine women’s legs are not to be missed. Our universe gave birth to us, so we should love and cherish every thing that it has produced, because it is also capable of taking it away.

Made of stars


As I was looking through the pictures of the gorgeous Shibani Dandekar, one thing struck me is her amazing curvy, rounded rear end, almost like a mathematician would draw a perfect spherical curve. It’s these mathematical formulas, genetic codes, symmetry that exists in nature, if there is a ‘god’ as physicist Michio Kaku stated is no doubt a mathematician.

Looking at the picture of the half-moon, I somehow managed to place it next to her behind. One can see the spherical shape of the moon, the angle of the curve matches with her behind from sideways. This can be found among many objects in nature, from birds to bees, trees to seas, symmetry to geometry.


See the two planets, tucked under the sheet, her round tits resting on a pillow. To see such things, does make the mind explode. The explosion that created our universe, our galaxy, our solar system, our stars, is the same mechanism that provides life.


Every curve, shape, structure tell us something, the very fabric of our being, each cell in our body, shows that we are created from the same material as present in our galaxy. New life comes in the world in the shape of stars, similar spherical curves, design, and energy which shows that we are all made of stars.



Standing in line

Standing in line inside a government building for hours, hundreds of eager peasants looking for confirmation from bureaucrats to move along. One group I was focused on was a women with her two sons, they were standing before me, always arguing with one another, it reminded me of my family.

Anytime one is dealing with public institutions, especially in countries in south east asia, bureaucracy is the name of the game. What should only take several minutes lasts up to several hours; standing among the mass of humanity spending my time observing people’s behavior.

The family I focused on, was always bickering, questioning, constantly shuffling the papers, it was mostly done by the mother. She kept making changes to her form, putting on a new picture, changing it after every hour. All this clearly annoyed both of her sons, both of them getting into heated arguments with their mother. The women was elderly, perhaps stressed out, but boasting her credentials to not only her children but other people who were nearby.

She was making a scene, wanting all the attention to herself, garner as much sympathy from others, at one instance her son slapped down her papers, clearly irritated that she will not follow the instructions, rather she made her point that she will do whatever she wants.

This is what’s known as ‘Munchhausen syndrome‘, garnering sympathy and attention, by playing victim, using identity politics, political correctness and various other means. Humans are capable of such manipulation, deception that very few animals can rival.

Cold Thoughts

Bone chilling wind, frost bite on my hands, smell of a giant freezer, exhaling smoke, my mind numb, these are the thoughts that come to my mind when in Europe or North America. Indoor activities are a must, tv, movies, video games, board games, food to keep oneself warm, the society in the West is based on indoor structure, from mega shopping malls, schools and colleges, offices which produce an enclosed environment.

society in the west is based on indoor structure producing an enclosed environment.

Here in the East, things are totally different, even during cold winters people are outside in the morning, fishing, camping, having cultural events because it isn’t freezing. I am wondering how much impact the environment has on the mind, and it’s obvious the environment shapes the human mind and society.

the environment shapes the human mind and society.

In cold climates, the people are not only physically strong but extremely manipulative, survival is critical, unlike harsh warm climates in Africa, where humans have adapted well. Homo sapiens are not accustomed to freezing temperatures, without necessary calories it’s trouble. One can notice the extreme physical difference of westerners, almost half-a-foot taller, and 20 kg heavier than their asian counterparts. Most of the strongman competition winners, no surprise are from northern Europe.


Warm climates produce laid-back people, here agility is more crucial rather than brute strength, and one needs to think with their head cool, as you will find lot of aggression that people have in hot environments. Humans are more adapted in warm climates, think of coconut trees, bright sunshine, warm breeze that’s the ‘ideal’ environment people choose when they think about holidays.

Superstars in East


As they walk around, heads turn, wherever they go it appears they are being hounded by paparazzi. Cars, buses, locals stop going about their business and stare at this species. Western foreigners know what’s it like to be in this environment, as described in this blog.

First of they are physically so different, they are extremely tall compared to the average height of south asians, an Anglo woman is of the same height if not taller than most guys here, they obviously tower over the local women here. Their blonde hair with fair creamy skin makes them ‘glow’ in the sunlight, so people notice them in contrast to the surroundings they are in.

Most locals easily hit on foreigners, this is due to ‘sexual novelty’; homo sapiens are one of the most sexual novelty creatures, and no doubt they mated with ‘Neanderthals’ it’s gene passed on to Anglo-Saxon people. Interbreeding with different races is nothing new, it has happened thousands of years ago, and will continue to happen, the difference is the rate of changing demographics is really quick.

rocking in a saree

In a globalized world, trade and commerce are bringing people ever closer to one another. Most multinational companies are expanding to different corners of the globe, and this leads to more interbreeding between different races. Having a foreign spouse is like status symbol, especially if the partner is white. In India, due to caste structure, upper class people prefer fair skin partners, and having a foreigner is an achievement.

For foreigners this is like a totally different experience, ordinary in their own country, they feel extraordinary when abroad. Physiologically opposites do attract, the issue here is the culture and mentality, people from two different cultures may clash, but being a superstar is fun.

Little Player


If you look at him, you couldn’t figure it out, how does he do it, increase his notch count. One can never suspect from his demeanor, physical presence, energy level, that he can make a woman bow down to him stripped naked.

At first glance, you think he probably played one of the extras at ‘lord of the rings’ as a hobbit. He doesn’t display any sort of traditional dominant traits, but rather he is an eerily ‘confidence’ in him, not a physical one, but comfortable with himself. His eyes are dark buttons, one glance at a woman, and she fawns all over him.

Having met him at college, and spending time with him, one can see he has lived quite a story. Expelled from his own country, being a Kurdish meant problems with a dictator, eventually reaching a European country to seek asylum. A shrewd character no doubt, hardened by his travelling, working, living in inhabitable conditions with stories to tell.

Women go crazy whenever they see him, we were in the elevator once, he just turned to say ‘hi’ to a girl, the girl burst out ‘giggling’, her body shaking with sexual desires. We are at the cafe, as we walk in all the girls, europeans, asians, africans stop about their business and stare at him, as if looking at a ‘celebrity’; while eating several girls come over to just have a ‘chat’. Travelling in the tube, he talked about being ‘locked’ up in a asylum center; as he leaves his seat, a british woman sitting beside puts her hand down on the seat he just sat on.


Not speaking fluently is more of an advantage, rather acts like a plus point in the complex sexual game. He becomes, very ‘smooth’ with his dealing with women, as if getting into a different character, but he doesn’t need to do much, rather women ask him out. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that he easily ‘hit’ three digit figures.

The very thing that makes him so different than others, is his advantage. His little size actually compels women to approach him, as women crave novelty to try something different. His extensive travelling, and experiences enables him to be an excellent talker to close the ‘deal’. It appears women just want to have a ‘fling’ with him, but he doesn’t care because he is getting the only thing he needs, sex.

Hit piece on Auroville


To learn the mindset of a typical westerner you can read the article that a junkie materialistic idiot wrote about ‘Auroville’. I came upon the article online, and saw how the west views other parts of the world, spiritually and objectively.

Auroville is an experiment to start a new way of living, it combines history of our past, knowledge of nature, and science to build a different society from our current one. It is located in southern part of India, it has become more of a ‘tourist’ destination for foreigners. The article posted online, by Maddy Crowell shows poor journalistic standards, and shows us the lack of knowledge, the opinion people from modern ‘civilization’ has.

She writes : “I thought a bottle of red wine would be an appropriate gift to bring to utopia”, really a bottle of red wine in a village far removed from civilization ! and it’s not a utopia, nothing is to a western brat. Then she complains about taking a ‘couple of hours’ of flight, and taking a bus to reach her destination; then what’s the point of travelling ? rather she better head out to the shopping mall to binge on drinks.

It’s mentioned “there is no money, no government, no religion, no skyscrapers or expressways, no newspapers”, why the hell would you need skyscrapers and expressways, if you visit a place that is building something different from modern civilization. She goes on to mention all the issues the place has, like security, what do you expect when locals see hot foreign women. Waking up in the heat, oh great she expects to have every house to be air-conditioned with giant flat screen tvs, and microwave junk food.

Expecting deep thinking, knowledgeable, objective work from these junkies, the public should be careful. Then talking about the ‘negative’ energy that she experienced, without even trying to figure out why that was happening. People trying to learn new ways of living, while under such social stress, and structural pressure from the outside world isn’t ringing a bell in her head.

“I was craving the brashness of Indian traffic and the clutter that comes with being a part of a society” being used to eating microwave food, hitting coffee shops, travelling in car, and office clutter is her way, and to her that’s the only good way, the right way to live, fine that’s great for her, but as a journalist who should look at things from different perspective that’s incomprehensible.

Obviously Auroville definitely has plenty of issues, I haven’t visited the place so I can’t tell. Trying to build a different society from our current one is a tall task, considering the financial pressures, the social cohesion with different communities, with no large scale support, it will end up being a tourist spot. Which, the west views the world through that lens, to commercialize every square inch of land.