Nature and technology


Two kids enjoying sitting on a large buffalo, an animal weighing close to a ton, it’s horns are as big as them, they both using a tablet, while the buffalo continues grazing. The above picture shows how humans have adapted to co-existing with such a large dangerous animal, it also tells us about a hostile past we had with nature.

Domestication of animals started well before the neolithic age, as large animals were used by herders. This process of domestication was done through castration, so only the peaceful docile genes were passed, that’s why we see such a docile version of a large cattle. Invention of the tool ‘plow’ meant that domesticated animals had to work harder and longer, for large cattle this was about working night and day under the harsh weather, plowing for humans. In this case technology was an inhibitor for both humans and animals, because the plow not only made animals stuck in grain plantations but also made humans chained to their work.

For thousands of years the practice of castration and plowing continued, but only after the ‘scientific revolution’ that modern technology consisted of machinery. After the tractor was used, most animal plowing was gone, it freed up the animals and agriculturalist from the drudgery of work. Here the ‘tractor’ was a useful technology because it helped humans do the work efficiently and quickly and freed up animals.

As we appreciate the close bond of humans with such a magnificent beast, enjoying it’s leisure time using the latest gadgets, we also need to remember the brutal past. Domestication and castration of such massive creatures, plow tool used to enslave both animals and humans, a scientific revolution that finally produced a solution. The key is to use the ‘right’ technology, which needs to be discussed and implemented using scientific, rational, and philosophical argument.

Rewarding criminals

refugees partying

What better way to get welcomed with open arms from blonde women, given shelter and food and all the benefits one could ever want, for an aspiring migrant. That’s the way the west rewards illegal aliens.

During my time in London, which is the center of leftist cesspool, seeing firsthand how the marxist crowd have left their society, a degenerate corrupted place, a shadow of their former self. It is there that one can see radical ideologues given all kinds of freedom and power, they never had back home, yet calling for the butchering of the host nation people. Maybe that is what the left wants, their own pathology has bought their own death wish.

Whether it’s north america or western europe, they all reward those who entered illegally. Anyone who wishes to go to the west, will find the legal procedure to be exhausting, bureaucratic process, lengthy time, and what will they find when they get there. They will face leftist loons who will put them into groups, taking away their individuality, categorize them as an ‘oppressor’ and the illegal alien as ‘oppressed’. They will make sure that all the ‘contributions’ of the legal migrant will be handed down to the criminals.

Policy of the neo-marxists has led people to believe that all the productive members of society are ‘predators’ whereas the thugs are ‘infants’. Aspiring migrants should avoid the west at all costs, however one can take advantage of this situation by catering to liberals. It’s certain for sure unless the left-wingers are crushed there is no way the west can recuperate.

No wonder, one can see why western women will spread their legs for thugs as they see them as ‘oppressed’ the one who needs to be taken care, to civilize them. Another classic example of female pathology, who are ultimately responsible for these leftist policies, as they hold most of the power structures which they were able to hijack due to the leftist tactics of ‘collective narcissism’.

Yoga as religion


One of things I notice frequently is how devout people are to practicing yoga, especially from the west. It’s not surprising as any culture that has removed their own tradition, religion, and values will crave for spirituality, norms, and most importantly a routine.

Yesterday was the international yoga day, and plenty of people have taken part in this ritual. It is being celebrated in almost every corner of the globe, except in some places. I was never into yoga as people in my country rarely take part, however for women they take these classes like a religion. The key difference is yoga can be done by anyone without any affiliation to any spiritual order, there are those who do it for keeping their body fit, whilst others do it to keep their mind focused and relaxed, then there is the practice of spirituality and meditation, as well as learning the values in everyday life.

Any group that is increasingly becoming secular, yet trashing their own culture and heritage, will be devoid of any social structure. They will crave for spirituality, a routine and meaning, as can be seen in anglo women. The norms, values, and spirituality from this ancient practice is being widely accepted into the lives of people who crave for it. However, the anglo women will use the platform of yoga to signal it for other uses.


Practicing yoga has now become a fashion, it is now part of the broader culture in the west to wear yoga pants, show off their hot body, and signal virtue of their devotion. It has become in some aspects by women to showcase their beauty, which falls under the intersexual selection hypothesis.

As people are now given a routine, that will keep them physically fit, spiritually relaxed they will follow this ancient practice and bring it into their everyday lives. Whether this religion will bring beneficial results remains to be seen, however it is much better to have it in society, rather than devolve to other poisonous ideology, it’s popularity ever increasing shows it’s potential.

Filtering pollutants

Propaganda headquarters

There are many liars, manipulators, ideologues in this world, some lie to fool others, some cheat to benefit their ego, some manipulate to compete, and ideologues just want to create chaos in society.

History is full of countless examples of ideologues twisting facts, manipulation and deception, selling propaganda to the masses. This also reveals the ‘side’ of the masses that cherish and admire those views, as has been well documented that people can do evil things if the structure enables it. However, if people are given the right direction they can counter and filter through the pollution of our evolved mind.

It’s very important to recognize our own biological limits it’s errors and viciousness, that has garnered our reputation as a creator and a destroyer. Having lived with ideologues, liars, manipulators my whole life I saw the true side of them which they were able to hide from outsiders, they were able to do so because the outsiders didn’t know how to ‘filter’ through the ‘bs’ being spouted at them. Take for example ‘psychopaths’ they are world class champion liars, and most people will not be able to detect the lie unless they verify, or have enough expertise to deal with it.

Psychopaths are world class champion liars.

How does one navigate through the sea of propaganda, how does one deal with ideologues, how does one deal with champion liars, well they need to use a ‘decoder’ as described below by evolutionary psychology Professor Gad Saad.

Professor Saad with a decoder

If anyone wants to see how one can use such decoder it is well explained through the video. Who knows it may only be a matter of time that an app can decode the pollutants from our society, which may be able to navigate us through the misinformation from tv and other sites.

People do have innate characteristics to counter such clowns, instincts that allow us to tell if something is wrong, expertise to call out the ‘filth’ in our society. Rather people often choose to look the other way, and when the ideologues go too far then it’s too late to stop the chaos. History repeats itself because people do not understand the lessons from it.

Future possibilities


Anytime one looks at global events, hears the news, they are always plastered with terrible things, whether its round the clock cable news tv, online news portals, or in campuses. As people are more focused on the ‘dangers’ of our environment, this gets more attention within each of us, rather than focusing on the tolerant aspects of our world.

That is not to say that we shouldn’t ignore the ‘dangers’ of our environment, however I feel that they are being ‘magnified’ by certain groups in our society. Most people are doing the best that they can to improve the environment, society, and the economy; whereas there are those who constantly whine and grime about society, expecting apes that came out of the Savannah several million years ago to fix things immediately.

As one travels the world, and observe astutely of society, people, and culture they can see hope and optimism in so many areas. It is a wonder that apes out of the jungle have built sophisticated technology, infrastructure, and complex structure that allows anyone to travel all over the world. We are now living in a world, where one can have breakfast in Singapore, have lunch in Dubai, and then have dinner in Paris.


We are now living in a world, where one can have breakfast in Singapore, have lunch in Dubai, and then have dinner in Paris.

Think about the statement for a second, a person can eat their breakfast in a cafe in Singapore, go to the airport with excellent transportation facility, travel at the speed of sound in a jet airplane, stop over for lunch in Dubai, then head to Paris for a beautiful candlelight dinner. Our ancestors hundreds of years ago could never imagine that people one day will be able to eat their meals in different continents within a day.

Our ancestors hundreds of years ago could never imagine that people one day will be able to eat their meals in different continents within a day.

While this access isn’t available for every person on the planet, a quick tour to any mega airport will reveal the answer, the latest data shows more than a billion people have traveled internationally last year.

Where does this lead us, one can only guess as the physicists Michio Kaku, stated that we are seeing the changes of a multicultural society, based on scientific principles, and tolerant people. Obviously there would be a lot of conflict and hesitation by people, but we can also see the evidence of a society that is the pinnacle of human excellence.

Shrewd vs Smart


Machiavellian the word derived from philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli, shows another side of people that is ‘manipulative’. Machiavelli witnessed by observing society, there are people who are generally shrewd in their actions, like political leaders, and then there are people who refrain from doing such things.

Most education, industry and government institutions have general IQ test, which measures the intelligence, or say smartness of individuals, however there is a flaw in this measurement. IQ tests leave out a very broad spectrum of the human mind’s capacity. There are people who are very ‘shrewd’ who don’t get a good score, however they can outwit, outsmart, manipulate people who have a high IQ. In industry and government it is people who have ‘Machiavellian’ traits that excel over those who are considered very smart.

IQ tests leave out a very broad spectrum of the human mind’s capacity.

As there are now personality tests, that can measure the ‘Machiavellian’ traits it is still not a conclusive way to measure someone, as people can easily lie or be dishonest in their answers. In my previous blog I had mentioned how, groups who are generally ‘shrewd’ in nature can out-compete groups who are considered smart. Even in nature, this can be noticed, take for example the hyena that is very ‘Machiavellian’ in nature, it scavenges the food of other predators by working in close cooperation with it’s group members, the bigger the group the stronger it gets. It saves a lot of energy by not hunting, but by simply ganging up and taking other’s food, it gains more calories than it spends.

The ‘numbers’ game catches on.

Niccolo Machiavelli, an astute observer recognizes the behavior of how power and strength can be gained by being a different kind of player. No surprise the book he wrote was not released because the inconvenience on society and strategy of political leaders will be out on the open. Having no free exchange of ideas has only benefited the deceivers, if this knowledge had been passed down like now, then people could be more prepared to combat others and utilize it in their personal life.

Citizens identity


selfish pool

Today our country is celebrating the Bengali new year, the main celebrations are occurring nearby, this time I am looking at the event from a different perspective, a perspective that questions the identity of our culture.

A colorful event to watch, with the sun shining down to dazzle at the array of bright clothes, music, and food. With so many cultural events, one has to ask why do so few tourists come here ? As I toured around our neighboring countries there were literally millions of tourists from all over the world, their plans were to circle our neighboring countries, yet they wouldn’t even spend a dime to even transit through our country.

Selfish gene


The one thing that I noticed straightaway when I boarded the flight, is just how selfish bengali people are, they are extremely rude, loud, uncoordinated individuals, who lack any sort of decency. Yes other countries have the same issues, but there is another level of selfishness that bengali people have which will crown them as one of the most selfish bastards to ever walk this planet.

Tourists who come here, want to have a pleasant experience, sure they will meet one or two decent people for touring, but it doesn’t change the fact that they will also have to deal with 90% of the egotistic public.

People show extreme acts of compassion, because they are also capable of extreme form of cruelty, the act of compassion is a mask to hide their hedonistic selfishness.

Garbage infrastructure

One of the lies that the egotistic politicians have been spreading around is our country doesn’t have the economic capability, to improve the infrastructure. This lie allowed them to get billions of dollars for infrastructure mostly from the west, to build shit-hole roads. Our nation is economically stronger than several of our neighboring countries, yet they have excellent roads, electric grids, express highways, trains, so the lie has been caught out.

Which leads to the point made above, it’s not only the politicians but the general public who are extremely narcissistic, lying, manipulative selfish bitch they are, no wonder very few tourists will ever come back to this filth.

Identity of the people

Whenever one steps away from the matrix, one can look at it from a different perspective, this perspective allows one to critically analyse the structure. Sure we have colorful extravaganza, and sights to see, and sure we show a very compassionate side to foreigners, but there is also another side, the dominant trait that the citizens of our nation is they are very manipulative, greedy, disorganized, lying selfish bastards.

License to Parent


There are licenses for driving, diving, flying, for professions like doctors, engineers, construction workers, yet there seems no license requirement for parenting. Society does not look at the importance of rearing children and marriage as a responsibility but rather a service. Ultimate cost of improper parenting and family union is being paid heavily by society.

Ultimate cost of improper parenting and family union is being paid heavily by society.

Now, I have wrote about the bureaucracy of public institutions and the complexity of the issue of even proposing a parenting license. Even starting to conceptualize the requirements, procedures, and measurements needed to give a license is a tall task. However, one needs to look at the true cost to a family, community, economy, nation and cultural aspects when measuring the devastation of childhood abuse.

Whether it’s the west or the east, one thing is for sure high IQ people tend to reproduce far less. A quick tour in parts of east london, inner cities in new york, or the slums of mumbai its evident that lower socioeconomic status means more children. That doesn’t mean higher socioeconomic status people are better at parenting, but by having less children they are reducing the impact.

In most cases, poverty means early marriage which is again the root cause of all problems, and then popping out half-a-dozen kids means more financial and social responsibility. A license will appear to be a preliminary assessment tool to judge both sexes as well as for the family, and community to measure if couples are ready to start a family.

A license will appear to be a preliminary assessment tool to judge both sexes as well as for the family

The same way one needs to have a license to drive, or to practice medicine it gives validation to the responsibility and duties that a individual needs. For too long, the economical, political, social community have not taken parenting as a serious ‘profession’, because the costs come in so many various avenues it has not been measured properly, but implementing right tools will reduce the impact on society.

Social competition

All the wars, violence, weapons, conflict, competition, inequality, environmental destruction can be narrowed down to only one thing: sexual selection. It sounds ridiculous to the casual reader, but it’s the honest truth. Observing society and people’s behavior by taking a back seat, will reveal outlines of our structure. A structure that will soon crumble under it’s enormous weight.


Hierarchy existed long before we started walking upright, and it will continue to exist, but it’s the basis of our social organization. A classic example of hierarchy and social standing is of the Roman era, on the left we have ‘Spartacus’ a captured slave, turned gladiator. On the right we have a ‘Praetor’ a roman citizen, commander of an army, having more power than a gladiator and the general public. However they are both competing for ‘status’, for a gladiator the reputation is in the arena, the ability to fight, cheer the crowd, and gain respect; similarly a ‘praetor’ is competing for the Roman republic, the battle and victories for his battalion, will gain him respect and honor to people in power.

Even though ‘Spartacus’ was a slave, he gained social dominance over a roman general, due to his standing as ‘champion’ in the arena, his fame aided him, thus women will  generally gravitate towards him rather than a ‘praetor’. Other gladiators who were not ‘champions’ or famous wouldn’t be able to compete with a high standing roman citizen.


David Petraeus is high on the social ladder, a general, highly educated with power not only in politics but the army, thus he will attract plenty of women, as writer Paula Broadwell is one of them. Even though Paula Broadwell is married, the instincts to procreate with a high status male cannot be missed. Only guys who are of higher standing can compete with the general, such as Senators, Presidents or other famous celebrities.

Whether the general public realize it or not, the evolutionary instincts that has been hardwired in us can often times confuse people, due to the rapid changes in society, culture, technology. Intrasexual competition does not necessarily mean war, but a proxy war, males are competing with one another to gain social standing, because at the end of the day we are hardwired to pass on as many copies of our genes.

Freshly Toasty


The smell of the baking breads from the bakery, the warm freshly placed baguettes on the aisle, it’s golden color lighting from the hot oven, the crisp noise when one touches it, the soft white flesh when one tastes it.

It’s what I am reminded of when I saw the picture above, a french woman legs right beside french baguettes, oh the irony . It must be the delicious food they eat, that produce such stunners.

Evolution works mysteriously, complex formulas produce such symmetry and beauty that we are designed to react, as much as I love eating freshly baked french baguettes, a fine women’s legs are not to be missed. Our universe gave birth to us, so we should love and cherish every thing that it has produced, because it is also capable of taking it away.