Hikkaduwa the place of warm sun, sandy beach, tall coconut trees, a place where one can go diving in coral reefs, see turtles. It’s also the place for night-life, where plenty of things are explored.

As I was heading south I remembered to check out this place, because I had already missed it once. I got off the train station quickly, and instantly booked a place to stay. As I was walking to my hotel, I see two asian women, most likely Japanese who were briskly walking barefoot, one of them seemed in pain. I inquired to see if she was ok, her expression was stone cold; I was thinking to myself this place is something else.

After reaching the hotel which was a clean place, but had poor cooling, I went out to look for a bicycle to rent. Most people though the I was looking for a motorbike, rather than a bicycle, but having walked for an hour I finally found a place where they rent bikes. An old woman looked at me and inquired where I am from, which place I was staying, but didn’t want to rent the bicycle to me; I knew the reason so I moved to another shop which was luckily nearby, and got one.

I have always enjoyed cycling, it allows me to really absorb the environment I am in with the right pace, giving me flexibility in going through difficult terrain, and at the same time giving me much needed exercise. I stopped over at the turtle conservation center, there were maybe a dozen european girls in there, all of them looked like they are saints, trying to save the turtles, all the while taking pictures like this.

saving turtles

They were more interested in the publicity of the center, the recognition, signalling virtue, the photos, rather than the main mission of conservation. It is indeed an inherent characteristics especially among the selfish gene pool.

At night a different story starts, the whole energy of the sun drowns and booze and lights takes over. It’s the place where white women spread their legs to get creamed. Going back to my place around midnight, I see a group of british girls, stone drunk making sounds like chimps, talking randomly to passerby. They somehow manage to get a scooter with one girl lying on the floor and another one sitting the opposite way. That’s just the start of their night cock carousel adventure and hikkaduwa happens to be one of them.

East and West – color


Picture on the left side is of a british celebrity who is well known for her excessive tanning, her skin so tanned that she looks like an alien. Whereas the picture on the right side is promoting fairer skin tone, to change the color like a chameleon.

Both sides of the atlantic are infatuated with the skin color of one another, they are interested in having a different skin tone. For the british woman, having a darker bronze color makes her standout from the crowd, it makes her look exotic, different from the general population. For someone with dark skin, having a fair complexion means more than just standing out. Due to caste structure in indian-subcontinent having white skin tone ensures they are high on the social structure, which comes with it’s benefits. It shows the sexual selection theory, which ultimately is signaling for attracting mates.

It will come as no surprise that most of the color changes are done by women, since signaling attractiveness is inherent. However, this often leads to obsessive disorder for youths, they cause more harm to the body and their natural beauty by altering their given tone; using excess chemicals on the skin is harmful. Tanning in some ways is normal as people can be out soaking under the sun, but too much sun will scorch the body. While skin whitening with too much chemicals will often bleach the skin, making it look like unnatural, thereby destroying the beauty.

Having these ‘color’ changes in society, will only bring more stress to youths, not only from the culture, media, but also from close members. Rather than trying to change the beauty standards, there should be an appreciation of their own natural beauty.



I first came across the term ‘anglobitch‘ on some sites, and it typically represent the girls from the picture above. A wild eyed blonde, who doesn’t care about her actions, wearing trashy clothes hanging out with filthy thugs, who with their tongues out are ready to devour her.

As I frequently see when abroad the antics of the anglo woman, I feel the term described above suits them perfectly. Especially from the north america region they have a grandiose attitude about themselves, thinking they are some mega celebrity expecting others to treat them that way. They are an out of control species that wreak havoc, always being the loudest and arrogant in any setting, devouring and consuming anything that comes in their way, they do whatever and whenever they want.

Gifted with such tremendous beauty, they have this chip on their shoulder that they are some kind of ‘vip’. While the europeans are less ‘self-centered’ than their counterparts however they also show the same tactics, devouring anything that comes in their way. As the culture in their own nations are teared down, they are no longer responsible for their own heritage, values, their race. As one can see when abroad, rather than continuing their own traditions, they are on a mission to ‘cock-carousel’ the whole world.

rather than continuing their own traditions, they are on a mission to ‘cock-carousel’ the whole world.

One needs to ask how and why did such events take place, this brings up a whole complexity of the issue. Culture is crucial and if the women from the anglo race are bought up in the leftist policy, they will bear the fruits of what radical feminism, forced multiculturalism, post-modernism, and neoliberalism has produced. However one needs to dig deeper into the past, what are the conditions 200 years ago that led to this, also their genetic past, what were the genetic traits 20,000 years ago, a million years ago. Are they simply the barbarians they were in the past, which explains their ‘whoring’ with thugs, all of this needs to be studied to better understand the degenerate behavior of the ‘anglobitch’.

Charming Liar


Cold dead stare, her eyes wide and fixed, her head uneasily balanced with her left hand. The dark shirt showing her dark intentions, she a predator, her lips trying to smile but holding back.

One can see through a person if they pay enough attention to what the body language says about them. People often can pick up the subtle differences that should warn them about dangers, but most likely they tend to ignore it, which causes unforeseen consequences. Media was gloating over the crime of Jodi Arias, a hot looking woman committing gruesome act, yet they were also feeding her the thing she wanted most, attention.

I recently was going through some videos and came upon this clip ,where she was extremely charming when interacting with the media personnel. Her soft delicate voice would convince any novice of her innocence, her warm smile and facial expression will make any man warm the heart, her words short and calculating. The eye opener was when she was putting on makeup but told not to roll the camera.

One of the psychopathic traits is the use of charm, one can see she has extensively used it to get the things she wants. It’s her way to manipulate and deceive others of her true identity, to mask her hideous side. Her beauty used to seduce and trap their victims. Lack of empathy and consciousness enables her to lie through a straight face. After all she is more interested on how she looks in the media. How and why did our species create this creature is baffling, but with more understanding of our body, perhaps we can get rid of such scourge from the human race.

Try Earthing

Last week I saw blog ridiculing earthing, or grounding as others have called it. Indeed there are a lot of skeptics who call this pseudoscience, but having looked at the inner workings of our market system, our ‘professionals’ lack of objective assessment they would have come to this conclusion.

The problem with a consumer driven market is it creates plenty of ‘false’ narratives ridiculing other free and natural methods of treatment. There is plenty of examples of how industry will seek to create ailments for the sake of growing the healthcare sector, without growth the economy will halt, resulting in worldwide repercussions. Looking at earthing I am still skeptical about it’s workings, however having seen the benefit first hand I feel it’s another free method to improve your health.

There are those who think and analyze our environment through a certain framework, and they can’t see or are unable to explain phenomena that are outside their boundary. In science there those who want to measure a fact within their limited view, and then there are those who are open to explore that is outside their view. For example, many indigenous shamans have plenty of natural cures to ailments however the ‘pharmaceutical’ industry will claim that they are all pseudoscience.


Having read about earthing, there are certain aspects which are not helpful, such as having mats, pads connected to the ground. Rather, the best way to see the benefit, is taking a walk on a beach, the beach is one of the best places to feel the healing benefits. One can see the difference by experimenting, walking one day with shoes and another without shoes to see the changes. They should go to places like water, wet ground, grass, beach any place that is not covered with concrete or other conductive materials and see the difference. Often times I see people doing yoga out on the open ground on a mat, the mat is acting as an insulator to the body from the ground, thus people are not reaping it’s benefits.

Whether the physical sensation from the sandy beach, or water, or grass on the barefoot is aiding the health benefits is up for debate, but it needs to be looked into with open minds. In the meantime, one should walk out on the open ground to try earthing, and judge for themselves.


Politicians in UK

One of things that I don’t regret and often have to explain to people why I didn’t stay in London, is from the picture above. As a person who share the same ethnicity from the politicians shown above, I am supposed to be proud but rather that is one of the reason I said goodbye to Londonistan.

The irony is the city that was once one of the most advanced place on earth, has now becomes a cesspool of left-wing, fascist, third world hell hole, that I wanted to get away from. Londistan is a more appropriate name for the city, it’s infrastructure once the envy of the world now looks like a prehistoric dinosaur, it’s diversity looks like an overcrowded zoo, it’s culture like a kitchen sink, it’s politics corrupt. Even though I tell others abroad about the situation they still find it hard to believe.

It’s not that I am a bigot who doesn’t like ethnic people, being a foreigner myself I want people from my background to represent the best values that the west has been built upon. However, the politicians that are representing the western values are not doing that, rather they will use it as a platform to push their own hidden agenda, they are savages in suits. They share the same tactics that their own national, cultural and family values produce, that has left their own country a monumental disaster.

They are savages in suits.

Much like capitalism, liberalism needed to be checked before allowing such mass scale migration into the west. Left-wingers, progressives have allowed such savage apes to enter their shores and in such large numbers. Champagne socialists ideas were to create a population that looks like a zoo, allowing savages from the worst ideological countries to come and spew their venom. The UK will reap what they sow, digging their own grave.

Black Beauty


Her hair long silky and soft, her smile wide and glowing, her eyes seducing, her whole face a symmetrical miracle. Her silky black skin creates a sharp boldness to the beholder.


Her body the artwork of a goddess, as if designed with pinpoint precision, her energy radiating from the still pictures. It often makes me wonder if there is a grand designer that created such a black beauty.

Yoga as religion


One of things I notice frequently is how devout people are to practicing yoga, especially from the west. It’s not surprising as any culture that has removed their own tradition, religion, and values will crave for spirituality, norms, and most importantly a routine.

Yesterday was the international yoga day, and plenty of people have taken part in this ritual. It is being celebrated in almost every corner of the globe, except in some places. I was never into yoga as people in my country rarely take part, however for women they take these classes like a religion. The key difference is yoga can be done by anyone without any affiliation to any spiritual order, there are those who do it for keeping their body fit, whilst others do it to keep their mind focused and relaxed, then there is the practice of spirituality and meditation, as well as learning the values in everyday life.

Any group that is increasingly becoming secular, yet trashing their own culture and heritage, will be devoid of any social structure. They will crave for spirituality, a routine and meaning, as can be seen in anglo women. The norms, values, and spirituality from this ancient practice is being widely accepted into the lives of people who crave for it. However, the anglo women will use the platform of yoga to signal it for other uses.


Practicing yoga has now become a fashion, it is now part of the broader culture in the west to wear yoga pants, show off their hot body, and signal virtue of their devotion. It has become in some aspects by women to showcase their beauty, which falls under the intersexual selection hypothesis.

As people are now given a routine, that will keep them physically fit, spiritually relaxed they will follow this ancient practice and bring it into their everyday lives. Whether this religion will bring beneficial results remains to be seen, however it is much better to have it in society, rather than devolve to other poisonous ideology, it’s popularity ever increasing shows it’s potential.

British legacy

cricket match in Colombo

Cricket is widely popular among south asians, it can be equated to as the most important ‘popular’ sports culture in those countries. In fact even among the most rural communities, cricket is being played and followed like a religion.

While abroad in another south asian country, I happened to be in the time where a test match was being played between the host nation and from mine. As soon as I entered the arena, I was surprised to see the level of interest regular folks had over the game. Even though it was a test match, which is a lot longer and slower than other versions of the game, people were on the edge of their seats.

One can see why the game is so popular, given the mental strategy required to outperform the opponents. It’s where players need to wear helmets, and body protection to protect themselves from a very hard ball, coming at a person at lightning speed. A dangerous but yet civilized game. However, the main reason of it’s popularity is because of the British empire, it’s the empire legacy that people of the host nation adopted to playing what the ‘elites’ liked to play, and also what to drink, hence ‘tea’ is also a celebrated ‘cultural’ drink.

While sitting on the ground enjoying a lovely day, with green grass, blue sky, sun shining, with players battling on the field, I am reminded of how people are celebrating the legacy of one of history’s largest empire.



In the face of so many malevolent acts, in an environment lurking with such tyranny, immense greed, hostility, evil intentions I overlook them. I do not fear this, or am I neglecting it, I have coped with similar situations like this before throughout my life, a mechanism that my body has adjusted itself.

Going way back to our historical past, may provide us with some clue. Out in the wild, humans were exposed to the bare tooth and claw of nature, they had to deal with loads of issues, hostile climate, disease, food, and most importantly other predators lurking in the shadows. It has become an evolutionary trait to counter such hostilities, to be courageous, to cope by adjusting the body mechanisms. These mechanisms provided humans with survival instincts to go through harsh times.

Whenever I see stories of extreme human condition, whether someones climbing icy mountains, running a marathon under the scorching sun, dealing with grievous injuries, or being locked up by an abuser, I am reminded of the survival mode that humans can undergo. It is a reminder that humans can cope extreme conditions and also create hostile situations, it is the best and worst of ourselves, according to biology professor Robert Sapolsky.

It may seem odd, when I say to others that I am not afraid in the face of danger. A mechanism that has taken millions of years to produce, a coping behavior that was bought out due to my abusive past. Whether it will be a survival strategy or cause more harm to me in this modern era is anyone’s guess; will fearlessness be a strength or will it cause undue misuse remain a mystery.