Citizens identity


selfish pool

Today our country is celebrating the Bengali new year, the main celebrations are occurring nearby, this time I am looking at the event from a different perspective, a perspective that questions the identity of our culture.

A colorful event to watch, with the sun shining down to dazzle at the array of bright clothes, music, and food. With so many cultural events, one has to ask why do so few tourists come here ? As I toured around our neighboring countries there were literally millions of tourists from all over the world, their plans were to circle our neighboring countries, yet they wouldn’t even spend a dime to even transit through our country.

Selfish gene


The one thing that I noticed straightaway when I boarded the flight, is just how selfish bengali people are, they are extremely rude, loud, uncoordinated individuals, who lack any sort of decency. Yes other countries have the same issues, but there is another level of selfishness that bengali people have which will crown them as one of the most selfish bastards to ever walk this planet.

Tourists who come here, want to have a pleasant experience, sure they will meet one or two decent people for touring, but it doesn’t change the fact that they will also have to deal with 90% of the egotistic public.

People show extreme acts of compassion, because they are also capable of extreme form of cruelty, the act of compassion is a mask to hide their hedonistic selfishness.

Garbage infrastructure

One of the lies that the egotistic politicians have been spreading around is our country doesn’t have the economic capability, to improve the infrastructure. This lie allowed them to get billions of dollars for infrastructure mostly from the west, to build shit-hole roads. Our nation is economically stronger than several of our neighboring countries, yet they have excellent roads, electric grids, express highways, trains, so the lie has been caught out.

Which leads to the point made above, it’s not only the politicians but the general public who are extremely narcissistic, lying, manipulative selfish bitch they are, no wonder very few tourists will ever come back to this filth.

Identity of the people

Whenever one steps away from the matrix, one can look at it from a different perspective, this perspective allows one to critically analyse the structure. Sure we have colorful extravaganza, and sights to see, and sure we show a very compassionate side to foreigners, but there is also another side, the dominant trait that the citizens of our nation is they are very manipulative, greedy, disorganized, lying selfish bastards.

English or Bangla

Yesterday as I was walking in the park, I saw an artist sitting on the grass and painting the scenery. What got my attention was the man that was jovially looking at the painting; at first I didn’t recognize him, he had a beard almost up to his chest. As he was walking by looking at the side of his face, and the way he walked I finally did figure out who he was. A shadow of the person of what he used to be in school, he was a senior from my school, the brother of my classmate.

It was my parents, specifically my erratic mother who decided to put us in a private school, commonly known here as ‘english medium’. It’s a school where the liberals go, they pay exorbitant fees just to get a education from the British empire, taught in english using British curriculum, commercializing education. One school I went to, was one of the worst, all the spoiled brats were there. I was in a environment, where most children had several cars, and had loads of cash in their pocket, I didn’t.

As I was reminded of the guy in school, he and his family were the elite of our country. His great grandfather was a very important religious figure, he was a imam, and responsible for establishing mosques and religion. He became very wealthy through his connection as a religious figure, and passed it down in his family. As my classmate had different cars, coming to pick him up, I saw his father, who was a very powerful person. A tycoon, the industry head of all the giant corporations, which reminded me of Trump ! He was also involved in establishing sports ‘cricket’ in our nation, he was involved in politics and wanted to run for office.

He met plenty of mega sports stars and celebrities, athletes that most people in the world know, came over to his house, he became instantly famous. Everyone knew he was wealthy, son of a powerful magnate, but having world class athletes sent him to the stars. His brother was the ‘player’, the one who used his ‘status’ to get any women he wants. I used to see all the schoolteachers, women, and girls gush all over him after school, there were literally half a dozen girls surrounding him every time he was talking. My classmate was more grounded than his brother, wasn’t interested in bedding girls, but the fame had taken hold of him. He started asking, why I don’t have a car, why do I live in that part of town. He later became arrogant, didn’t want to deal with me, started bedding girls, and hanging out at clubs.

His brother was the ‘player’, the one who used his ‘status’ to get any women he wants.

The ‘famous’ fellow in school, now had an enormous beard, who bedded most of the women he ever met in his life. He became very pious, because as I later learned his father passed away, with his passing was most of the fame, glamor and wealth. My classmate also became a devout person, I learned he was involved with providing the security technology for our country’s central bank, and no wonder it had one of the biggest cyber bank heist. They have tasted enormous power, and they will never give it up, it’s difficult to explain to ordinary people the addiction to power, the length people would go to hold on to it.

They have tasted enormous power, and they will never give it up, it’s difficult to explain to ordinary people the addiction to power, the length people would go to hold on to it.

I started to question why I was going to a school, where most kids had sports cars, hanging out at clubs, meeting celebrities. It was my bizarre mother, who wanted to hold on to the ‘social status’, of sending her kids to private school. As I was thinking about my past, I wonder how things would have been if I had just gone to the local school, ‘bangla medium’. A walking distance from my house, with large fields, affordable tuition, students who are humble, don’t bother about the wealth of their peers.

Red City

It’s not a war zone, and it’s not global warming ! This is the day we celebrate eid, by sacrificing cattle. People believe in mythology, stories, and that’s what you get when you combine myths & stories: religion.

It’s already one of the most densely populated city in the world, combine with inadequate infrastructure, people not following hygienic practices. Massive rainfall and you get a city filled with red blood. Imagine if any of the animal activists from ‘peta’ see this, they will most likely faint.

From early morning, I hear thunderous sounds from the clouds to be awaken by people and cattle. I am glad in rained, because the cleaning was much easier, despite the road blockage. I like to ‘occasionally’ eat meat, nothing wrong with that, but yesterday I probably ate 10 lbs of it, now heading for a long walk.

Dating: Women in Dhaka

It is one of the most densely populated city in the world, it is also a developing country, trying to catch up to developed nations. Competition is fierce, in the context of the market economy, people will lie, cheat and steal to make a living.

People will behave in different ways depending upon the environment, the system that our current market operates under causes severe stress not only to the people, but also to the community of biological life around us. On an individual level, there are sponges, someone that squeezes the fruits of another person’s labor.

While browsing on dating apps, I came upon plenty of profiles of women, who either want someone who will aid them financially, or someone who is financially secure to be able to marry them. In a developing city like Dhaka, with rapid urbanization, women will look to get the man who is more financially secure, as living in poverty is extremely difficult here.


dating_bd_meetHowever, there will always be ones, who are playing the victim, this is called munchausen syndrome they fake or cause harm to their loved ones to get attention. In the case of the women shown here, I saw her post regularly on several dating apps, that she wants someone to financially support her, it’s just money she is interested in. Considering the fact that she is also married, which shows she wants attention. Especially in dating sites/apps there are women, who look for men to take care of them, what is known as ‘sugardaddy’, this can also be found across the globe in the west. Even though many of the women in the city are educated, they still look for someone who is more financially wealthier than them, as it is still the men’s responsibility to take care of women.

People are still living under traditional ideology, which is a patriarchal system, so women stay in houses and men are breadwinners, this can be seen villages, far away from the city. In Dhaka, the story is changing due to the market, as capitalism crawls into every corner of the globe, and rapid urbanization is occurring, where money is worshiped, women will look for more wealthy men in a competitive world.

Online Dating in Bangladesh

It’s just been recently that people are using apps to actually meet people face to face. While in the west it’s a different story, here in the East the ‘online dating’ world is still very new, it is yet to mature to provide a fulfilling service.

Even though we have had computers for a while, and starting to implement technological services to everyday life, when it comes to actual relationships, meeting people physically, it is still in it’s infancy, not because the technology isn’t there, it has to do with the culture.


First of Bangladesh is still a majority muslim country, the influence of islam and it’s values are upon society, these values are shared by all religious and cultural people, the conservative values: religion, chastity, traditional marriage. While there are differences between religious and cultural values, the ideology is the same between them. However, in the city this is no longer the case, most people in schools and colleges have intimate relationships between both sexes.

Even though people are using online dating apps, sites women barely meet with anyone who they met online, as mentioned above due to the cultural influence they are living in. They are more than glad to date guys who they have met physically, like via social circles  or in party’s, events, colleges, rather than online.

Online dating is still a long way off, the culture, the values, the mindset will need to change before females are comfortable meeting guys on a digital platform, but the tide may be shifting with increasingly efficient technology.