East and West – color


Picture on the left side is of a british celebrity who is well known for her excessive tanning, her skin so tanned that she looks like an alien. Whereas the picture on the right side is promoting fairer skin tone, to change the color like a chameleon.

Both sides of the atlantic are infatuated with the skin color of one another, they are interested in having a different skin tone. For the british woman, having a darker bronze color makes her standout from the crowd, it makes her look exotic, different from the general population. For someone with dark skin, having a fair complexion means more than just standing out. Due to caste structure in indian-subcontinent having white skin tone ensures they are high on the social structure, which comes with it’s benefits. It shows the sexual selection theory, which ultimately is signaling for attracting mates.

It will come as no surprise that most of the color changes are done by women, since signaling attractiveness is inherent. However, this often leads to obsessive disorder for youths, they cause more harm to the body and their natural beauty by altering their given tone; using excess chemicals on the skin is harmful. Tanning in some ways is normal as people can be out soaking under the sun, but too much sun will scorch the body. While skin whitening with too much chemicals will often bleach the skin, making it look like unnatural, thereby destroying the beauty.

Having these ‘color’ changes in society, will only bring more stress to youths, not only from the culture, media, but also from close members. Rather than trying to change the beauty standards, there should be an appreciation of their own natural beauty.

Black Beauty


Her hair long silky and soft, her smile wide and glowing, her eyes seducing, her whole face a symmetrical miracle. Her silky black skin creates a sharp boldness to the beholder.


Her body the artwork of a goddess, as if designed with pinpoint precision, her energy radiating from the still pictures. It often makes me wonder if there is a grand designer that created such a black beauty.

Smooth Ape


Ever since we split from the apes, one aspect of our body that has changed so dramatically is the skin. This is especially noticed in the case of females, who are much less hairy, and have smooth streamlined body than any other genre of our species.

One can notice that other mammals do have very smooth and streamlined bodies such as dolphins, this enables them to glide through the ocean currents effortlessly.  Anyone can see when going to the beach, that women effortlessly float through the crushing waves. Having smooth skin also aids in heat dissipation, which allows the body to regulate it’s core temperature.

As humans have moved towards an indoor environment, with controlled temperature available, the need for specific traits to counter harsh weather has decreased. The hotter the climate the less hair the better. It’s a wonder of evolution to produce the beauty of the female, which has taken millions of years. Its smooth skin, and mathematically curvy rear end that is soft to the touch, it’s legs engineered for aesthetic admiration, the whole body streamlined by design, is a wonder for mankind.

Freshly Toasty


The smell of the baking breads from the bakery, the warm freshly placed baguettes on the aisle, it’s golden color lighting from the hot oven, the crisp noise when one touches it, the soft white flesh when one tastes it.

It’s what I am reminded of when I saw the picture above, a french woman legs right beside french baguettes, oh the irony . It must be the delicious food they eat, that produce such stunners.

Evolution works mysteriously, complex formulas produce such symmetry and beauty that we are designed to react, as much as I love eating freshly baked french baguettes, a fine women’s legs are not to be missed. Our universe gave birth to us, so we should love and cherish every thing that it has produced, because it is also capable of taking it away.

Made of stars


As I was looking through the pictures of the gorgeous Shibani Dandekar, one thing struck me is her amazing curvy, rounded rear end, almost like a mathematician would draw a perfect spherical curve. It’s these mathematical formulas, genetic codes, symmetry that exists in nature, if there is a ‘god’ as physicist Michio Kaku stated is no doubt a mathematician.

Looking at the picture of the half-moon, I somehow managed to place it next to her behind. One can see the spherical shape of the moon, the angle of the curve matches with her behind from sideways. This can be found among many objects in nature, from birds to bees, trees to seas, symmetry to geometry.


See the two planets, tucked under the sheet, her round tits resting on a pillow. To see such things, does make the mind explode. The explosion that created our universe, our galaxy, our solar system, our stars, is the same mechanism that provides life.


Every curve, shape, structure tell us something, the very fabric of our being, each cell in our body, shows that we are created from the same material as present in our galaxy. New life comes in the world in the shape of stars, similar spherical curves, design, and energy which shows that we are all made of stars.



Delicious Blue

chk2-1Blue color that calms you, makes you float, awestruck, light, pleasant and even delicious.

Golden blond hair, dark red lips, creamy fair skin, floats with the blue dress. A smooth cut, from her feet to her thighs, wrapping around her curvy rear end, only to open up to her shoulders.

Yellow carpet besides asphalt, the onlookers stare, and admire the beauty with the delicious blue.

Majestic beauty


The largest animal to have ever lived, yes it’s even larger than the dinosaurs ! The fact that we are able to witness one of the largest animals in the entire history of our planet is incredible. The kayak was copied to align with the side of the whale, to show the sheer size of it. How long does the whale seem ?

It’s an animal that weighs hundreds of tons, it can easily crush us, but it doesn’t, because it is a peaceful animal, unlike humans. It navigates the big gorgeous ocean, eating tons of food swimming and exploring it’s surrounding, in contrast humans are so obsessed with fictional entities  that we slave away in buildings and concrete to worship our gods.

Animals live in objective reality, the ‘real world’, whereas humans live in ‘fictional reality’ together with objective world. These fictions include, gods, laws, money, ideology, nations, which ultimately will be responsible for the extinction of this gorgeous majestic animal.

Bold Black


Yesterday night I saw this picture, and I could barely breathe. Later I didn’t think about it much, but in my dreams this stunning picture appeared out of nowhere, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Eva Green, is the epitome of a goddess beauty, it’s as if she was bought in this world, from the strike of thunder from the clouds, and descendant to earth, to humble us all. I could write about her fit, slim, beautifully engineered body for the whole day ! Rather I will talk about her perfect heels; the heels are ‘simple’ yet it shows elegance, sexiness, lightweight, perfect curves, and laces that compliment her stunning legs and feet. I often see, women who wear really large obnoxious, with jewelery designs heels. Just keep it simple with black color heels.


Cq7Rj-yXYAA_fJK  Here is Olivia Wilde, wearing a black dress with jewelery, the color black has a stunning attraction to the person, black color contrasts well with white skin, therefore the combination is stunning. Her heels are simple too, not much design, and shiny, which makes her legs look so elegant and sexy.

Women with such beauty and wearing black bold dress makes it always look classy, therefore always in my dreams whether I want it or not.

Beauty of curves

Co_N9qqVYAAluO_There is nothing that is beautiful in this world than to see a nude women in nature. Raw beauty of a nude women accentuates when the environment around is natural, like a forest. Nature itself is like a grand designer, an architect, a planner, building beautiful objects, scenery, that makes humans wonder how did this come to be.

As one can observe by going to a forest, the diversity of objects, trees, rivers, animals, landscapes, there is a mathematical model for it’s design. As she is striking this pose, her whole body is like a a beautiful structure matching its surroundings. From looking at the women’s rear end, one can see the circular curvature, that mathematics can show, the shape of her legs show a gradual curvy line right down to the tip of her toes. Her arms used as a support for her whole body, shows her strength, balance, and focus. Her breasts, also in the shape of a mathematical curve, her back arched so it can handle the weight of her beautiful round buttocks. Her right leg enclosed, to maintain the structure of a line, her left leg extended towards her head to counter the weight and keep her whole body in balance.

Beauty of a women, as well as the raw natural beauty of nature is awe inspiring, many wonder whether there is a ‘creator’ that has done this. Sapiens ability to wonder and imagine, which is unique to all other species, allows us to question the creation of the universe itself. Nature shows us the designs, the curves, the structure, the mathematics behind the grand design, mathematics points us to science, science shows us evolution.

Nature shows us the designs, the curves, the structure, the mathematics behind the grand design, mathematics points us to science, science shows us evolution.

Humans have evolved to admire this kind of picture, it not only shows the beauty, curves and structure of women, but also shows the natural beauty, that humans for most of our history have cherished and lived with it. As our forests are being cut down, for the worship of money, as all other life forms are being extinct, as our natural world is being turned to concrete grotesque structures, as rivers and earth are being plundered, only to be replaced by asphalt and shopping malls.

What lies for the future of our species, how will this change affect not only the natural world, but us as humans, our behaviors, our beauty, our psychology that we admire so much ?