Capsule Hotels


It looks as if it came from the future, whether it is from a spaceship, or from a first class aisle in a airline, it’s design and functionality is futuristic. I mostly stay in hostels, and luckily I got the chance to stay in a capsule dormitory.

Looking at the images on the web and reading about capsule rooms, not only fascinated me but also bothered me, how could people stay in such enclosed space. That’s what I had to find out, having stayed in several rooms, none of them felt enclosed to me, instead I felt more free space.

Innovation and utilization of space created this wonderful experience of staying in hotels. The dormitories from a distance gives the impression of  a morgue/prison beds, however they are organized and clean. There are ingenious ways to create space, like having closets underneath the bed or on the side of the wall where one can keep their luggage, there is a table, which includes table lamps, with multiple adapters where one can charge devices, depending on which hotel one stays, there are additional facilities like tv, card access to beds.

The capsule beds actually offer more space and facilities to the individual rather than just regular bunk beds. Sleeping in an enclosed space, makes one feel very isolated, it reduces outside noise and is very quiet and relaxing to sleep. However there are disadvantages as well, like changing your clothes or packing can be very difficult. I had to change my clothes while lying on the bed all the while a woman was giggling at me !

Most of the hostels I stayed near the city had capsule architecture, whereas the further I got away had more regular bunk bed style. For backpackers, this new model has been a great advantage, not only are they affordable but allows them to relax in a room with travelers all over the globe, do try out the capsule hotels, it’s an experience which will make you want to go there again.