In the face of so many malevolent acts, in an environment lurking with such tyranny, immense greed, hostility, evil intentions I overlook them. I do not fear this, or am I neglecting it, I have coped with similar situations like this before throughout my life, a mechanism that my body has adjusted itself.

Going way back to our historical past, may provide us with some clue. Out in the wild, humans were exposed to the bare tooth and claw of nature, they had to deal with loads of issues, hostile climate, disease, food, and most importantly other predators lurking in the shadows. It has become an evolutionary trait to counter such hostilities, to be courageous, to cope by adjusting the body mechanisms. These mechanisms provided humans with survival instincts to go through harsh times.

Whenever I see stories of extreme human condition, whether someones climbing icy mountains, running a marathon under the scorching sun, dealing with grievous injuries, or being locked up by an abuser, I am reminded of the survival mode that humans can undergo. It is a reminder that humans can cope extreme conditions and also create hostile situations, it is the best and worst of ourselves, according to biology professor Robert Sapolsky.

It may seem odd, when I say to others that I am not afraid in the face of danger. A mechanism that has taken millions of years to produce, a coping behavior that was bought out due to my abusive past. Whether it will be a survival strategy or cause more harm to me in this modern era is anyone’s guess; will fearlessness be a strength or will it cause undue misuse remain a mystery.