Citizens identity


selfish pool

Today our country is celebrating the Bengali new year, the main celebrations are occurring nearby, this time I am looking at the event from a different perspective, a perspective that questions the identity of our culture.

A colorful event to watch, with the sun shining down to dazzle at the array of bright clothes, music, and food. With so many cultural events, one has to ask why do so few tourists come here ? As I toured around our neighboring countries there were literally millions of tourists from all over the world, their plans were to circle our neighboring countries, yet they wouldn’t even spend a dime to even transit through our country.

Selfish gene


The one thing that I noticed straightaway when I boarded the flight, is just how selfish bengali people are, they are extremely rude, loud, uncoordinated individuals, who lack any sort of decency. Yes other countries have the same issues, but there is another level of selfishness that bengali people have which will crown them as one of the most selfish bastards to ever walk this planet.

Tourists who come here, want to have a pleasant experience, sure they will meet one or two decent people for touring, but it doesn’t change the fact that they will also have to deal with 90% of the egotistic public.

People show extreme acts of compassion, because they are also capable of extreme form of cruelty, the act of compassion is a mask to hide their hedonistic selfishness.

Garbage infrastructure

One of the lies that the egotistic politicians have been spreading around is our country doesn’t have the economic capability, to improve the infrastructure. This lie allowed them to get billions of dollars for infrastructure mostly from the west, to build shit-hole roads. Our nation is economically stronger than several of our neighboring countries, yet they have excellent roads, electric grids, express highways, trains, so the lie has been caught out.

Which leads to the point made above, it’s not only the politicians but the general public who are extremely narcissistic, lying, manipulative selfish bitch they are, no wonder very few tourists will ever come back to this filth.

Identity of the people

Whenever one steps away from the matrix, one can look at it from a different perspective, this perspective allows one to critically analyse the structure. Sure we have colorful extravaganza, and sights to see, and sure we show a very compassionate side to foreigners, but there is also another side, the dominant trait that the citizens of our nation is they are very manipulative, greedy, disorganized, lying selfish bastards.

Manipulative Monk

One can picture most Buddhist monks as generally peaceful, pious, uninterested in materialism. One can see why herds of westerners flock to temples and mountains to practice the life of monks.

This event was a long while ago, I had just arrived in London, it was only just a couple of weeks and I found it very difficult to settle. I went to the park to clear my mind, as I was walking across a bridge and came across a monk, I greeted him, and I asked what he was doing here, he replied he was here on a cultural function. As he was talking, he had a rather peculiar way about him, not the typical, peaceful low speaking voice, rather he was very loud, obnoxious, moving his arms a lot.

He then invited me to his place, for some religious event. As he mentioned the religious praying would clear the mind, bring luck, keep away evil, at first this sounded good because I had just arrived to a new place. However, I was apprehensive about this situation, because he kept on insisting that I come. He somehow manged to get my number, as I wasn’t sure if I would go.

A couple of days later he called me to know if I will come to the event, I again gave excuses to not go. I realized something was very odd here, he kept on calling for the same reason. Then one day, as I took his call, this weird bizarre noise was coming from the background, he was murmuring some cryptic words that I had no clue about, and it went on for several minutes.

Monks usually spend their time in celibacy, as they want to avoid all ‘sinful’ activities including women. This confinement of their natural impulse has resulted in them doing other perverted acts, not for all but for some. This is same for all other religious groups, they have gone to other perversion by shutting down their natural behavior.

For many of the criminals, crooks and predators usually go to Europe or other countries to escape their crime. Europe and especially UK grants asylum to these crooks, yes for them it’s their ‘get out of country’ visa card. I knew why the monk was here, as he called me again, I told him the police will be notified, and he no longer called. As I was waiting for the bus, I suddenly saw him and was just as shocked to see me. He didn’t get on the bus neither did I, as I got out my phone, I saw him jump on the bus as the doors were about to close.

Many people trust religious people, and they have reasons to trust. However, they need to realize that there are some who will use religion as a means to and end. Aspects of the ideology enable them to do evil, to bring out very different behaviors. People should be able to question others regardless of their identity.