East or West

One of things that I like doing is taking pictures of places that most people don’t bother to look. In the early morning whenever I got out to explore Bali, I was exposed to the beautiful ritual by women, who wore traditional dress and offer their blessings for a good day.

While on the right side of the picture, an anglo women is wearing a neck pillow, with shades and snoring her way to another country, these are two very contrasting pictures. One women appears spiritually in peace, devout to her culture, religion, customs; whereas the other one is discontent, uneasy, devoid of any life. Every time I would walk past the road the local women would acknowledge my presence, greet me with a smile, while an anglo woman didn’t ever bother to manage a smile.

This made me question about how critical the culture plays in shaping human behavior, obviously there are genetic differences, however it cannot take hold of how people would conduct themselves in an environment with unlimited behavioral possibilities. Any nation, society, group will fall into chaos without a proper culture, as can be seen from the picture above. Even though the western girl is travelling at the speed of sound, thousands of feet up in the air, exploring continents, she is devoid of any spirituality, happiness, connection with the outside world.

Often times I wonder how much romantic consumerism is infecting people with ideals, one doesn’t necessarily need to hop from one place to another to feel ‘ecstatic’, as touring places I found many people who never traveled outside their own country yet they were full of joy.

Without a proper decent culture and spirituality, any nation will fall into chaos, it’s society will not function, it’s structure will crumble, in it’s weakness another conquering culture will take over as can be seen in the world.

Made of stars


As I was looking through the pictures of the gorgeous Shibani Dandekar, one thing struck me is her amazing curvy, rounded rear end, almost like a mathematician would draw a perfect spherical curve. It’s these mathematical formulas, genetic codes, symmetry that exists in nature, if there is a ‘god’ as physicist Michio Kaku stated is no doubt a mathematician.

Looking at the picture of the half-moon, I somehow managed to place it next to her behind. One can see the spherical shape of the moon, the angle of the curve matches with her behind from sideways. This can be found among many objects in nature, from birds to bees, trees to seas, symmetry to geometry.


See the two planets, tucked under the sheet, her round tits resting on a pillow. To see such things, does make the mind explode. The explosion that created our universe, our galaxy, our solar system, our stars, is the same mechanism that provides life.


Every curve, shape, structure tell us something, the very fabric of our being, each cell in our body, shows that we are created from the same material as present in our galaxy. New life comes in the world in the shape of stars, similar spherical curves, design, and energy which shows that we are all made of stars.



Stand your ground


Breathing of the bull, was getting heavier, louder, more agitated, more aggressive.

Sound of bells chiming like a swinging pendulum, as if coming from a giant gong, the wide open ocean thrashing its powerful waves filled the evening, the beach calm but alert, occasional motorbikes buzzing along the road far from the beach. I couldn’t figure out where the bell was ringing from; I stopped walking and listened to the sound, it was only chiming when the buffalo was moving, each chime in sync with the buffalo’s steps. I looked closely and saw this beautiful square bell around its neck, it was only on the dominant bull of the herd, the leader, leading the herd to the open sea.

As it was swimming, I took pictures of the herd; due to the sunset and the light coming towards me, the pictures came out dark and blurry. I dropped my bag, and went in closer to get a better shot, suddenly I see the herd swimming away from me, and returning towards land. The bull all this time kept an eye on me, it didn’t swim with the herd, rather it swam towards me. I quickly got out, and saw the bull standing knee deep on the water, and thought although it is aggressive, I can still outrun it. I carefully approached the herd, and took some pictures, all of a sudden the bull takes a couple of steps towards me, and I could hear the heavy breathing directed towards me.

The bull all this time kept an eye on me, it didn’t swim with the herd, rather it swam towards me.


Buffalo’s head are enormous, it bowed down and was ready to strike, you could hear it’s breathing from dozens of feet away. I kept on taking pictures, the bull again did a small charge towards me, it was only a very small distance. I felt my body trembling, an animal that weighs close to a ton, with it’s power and horns was enough to scare me. Although I was backing away, I was still pointing the camera, it warned me again, by stomping it’s leg on the ground, you could hear the thud of its hooves on the sandy beach, from it’s gigantic body, finally I put down the camera, took my bag and slowly walked away. As I was walking away, the herd had gathered close to the bull, and was going back to the ocean, however the bull was still in an aggressive stance, kept its eye on me, even though I was quite far away. I conveyed this story to one of the locals, who said I am fortunate, as the buffalo gave multiple warnings and could have easily outrun me and done serious damage.

the buffalo gave multiple warnings and could have easily outrun me and done serious damage.

It made me realize the behavior of a ‘wild’ buffalo, even though it was domesticated by locals, it had a different life, roaming freely around nearby forests, swimming in open sea, having very little in contact with other people. Contrast to what ‘industrialized’ farming has done, locking up giants in cages, with no or very little natural instinct. This is what the west has been pushing towards the east, commercialization and industrialization of every square inch of land they can find.

the west has been pushing towards the east, commercialization and industrialization of every square inch of land they can find.

Having this experience with a wild animal, made me realize how important family structure is, how important nature is, and how harmful commercialization is to society. Animals in nature, follow rules that govern how the whole ecosystem works, the bull had given me multiple warnings, it didn’t just get out of the water and charge me, even though it could, it allowed me to move away from the herd, it managed to keep the whole herd calm, it lead the herd away, and most importantly it taught me to ‘stand my ground’.

Dust and Steel

The sheer weight, the unbearable humidity, the constant noise, expending all the strength and energy to pull the cargo, especially at this time of the year, is excruciating. People of the city want to build a modern civilization, a civilization that produces dust and needs steel.

Walking at the outskirts of the city, where there is some greenery left, but not for long ! Not for the people in our culture, who think they are born in this world to build civilization, but alas they can’t do it with proper planning, infrastructure, vision, because they are flawed. Civilization is not for every culture in this world, certainly not for people who are disorganized, uncoordinated, lack vision. The west have done their bid to build it further, even though they are more organized, professional and have vision, they too are reeling from it’s effects, the complex societies they have built is falling apart, social destabilization is causing plenty of people to abandon their developed empires to developing empires across the world.

the complex societies they have built is falling apart, social destabilization is causing plenty of people to abandon their developed empires to developing empires across the world

IMG_20160614_154748Looking at the way the man was pulling the cargo, made me think of the way our culture is heading towards. It also made me think of my personal hurdles in life, with such sheer weight he could barely pull it, that’s why he had made a belt across his waist so he could ease the load on his body, with miles to go he stopped to take a breath and then kept marching. With people who faced childhood abuse, that’s what it feels like, pulling this sheer weight of mental anguish, in a unforgiving environment, with miles to go yet somehow we keep marching.


Plenty of foreigners, stop what they are doing and take pictures of this kind of site, but rarely do they question the bigger picture, they push for modernization here, but without fully understanding and comprehending the complexity of the issue, the environmental damage, the social destabilization, the hunger for endless growth and consumption, that would ultimately turn the world in a bowl of dust and steel.




Emotional Explosion


There is evil, in this world, whether people want to admit it or not. They are in our everyday lives, everyday decisions, everywhere you look, but people simply don’t understand evil. Post-modernists say evil is what the environment creates, no person is born evil.

Saying that evil is only created by the environment, is like saying that parasites are created, but this is not true according to professionals. Neuroscience, has been studying evil people, people who have committed hideous crimes. According to experts, they have a different brain pattern and wiring than the rest of the population; they are psychopaths.

Contrary to what the media defines, especially movies and tv shows, psychopaths very rarely tend to be murderers, serial killers, it is very rare and a small percentage of them are extremely violent. Psychopaths are master manipulators, they are extremely charming, they are world class liars, if there ever was a lying competition, they will win hands down. They will lie, steal, use people for sex, drugs, money.

Whether, you are working in any organization of more than 30 people, chances are you will come across them, there are various degrees of psychopathy, from the extreme to the borderline, but one thing is common among them they will use people to get what they want. In an organization, especially where narcissism is prevalent, such as in entertainment, politics, finance you will find plenty of these predators.

Unlike crimes like theft, battery, scam, which are easy to catch and prosecute, psychopaths employ a different tactic, emotional manipulation. These parasites, will destroy people emotionally, now to the casual person this seems absurd, can people be hurt emotionally ?  don’t people get hurt emotionally when they have lost or felt someone ? but for these predators, they feel no emotional pain, as they lack empathy. Empathy is what you feel, but for psychopaths they don’t have emotional empathy in their brain, so what they do is they mimic other people to respond to situations, this is called cognitive empathy.


Having lived with psychopaths, I never could understand the things that they did to me, until I started researching this topic, and finally found the right term and definitions to describe them. All these years, I felt manipulated, lied, cheated used by them for their own selfish desires, it’s as if they planted an bomb in my head. Terrorist’s plant bombs to destroy people, psychopaths plant bombs in the mind; however terrorists are prosecuted and face consequences for their action, whereas psychopaths get away with it.