3 Bucks


All three of them tangled in a circle, their antlers interlocked with one another, all underneath the water. Mind, body, mission geared to fight to the death, in order to procreate with a female.

Here we have three bucks, who are carrying out their inherent characteristics, to compete within a dominance hierarchy. A classic case of intrasexual selection, within a male group in any complex animals. Whoever fights it out, and comes out the winner will be at the top of the social hierarchy, thus the female will choose the top male. Nature is testing out the ‘survival of the fittest’ theory, who is the strongest, yet cunning to be the victor and successfully pass on their genes.

However, there are instances when nature does not get things right, especially in this case, when all the male bucks have died fighting each other. As females have ‘outsourced’ their selection process to males, they do not have to face the brunt of danger. Herein, lies the problem with ‘selection’ in of itself, as there has been in many cases with all kinds of complex animals, including humans where this leads to genetic traits that have no benefits whatsoever in nature. For example males having large antlers, females like them, but males faced extreme burden which ultimately caused the species to be extinct.

Sexual arms race continues within organisms, this ultimately lead to our own species that can change the very fabric of nature itself, maybe nature had intended this. The invisible hand of nature will do things that are beyond our comprehension, but looking at the picture reminds us of the bare tooth and claw of nature.

Made of stars


As I was looking through the pictures of the gorgeous Shibani Dandekar, one thing struck me is her amazing curvy, rounded rear end, almost like a mathematician would draw a perfect spherical curve. It’s these mathematical formulas, genetic codes, symmetry that exists in nature, if there is a ‘god’ as physicist Michio Kaku stated is no doubt a mathematician.

Looking at the picture of the half-moon, I somehow managed to place it next to her behind. One can see the spherical shape of the moon, the angle of the curve matches with her behind from sideways. This can be found among many objects in nature, from birds to bees, trees to seas, symmetry to geometry.


See the two planets, tucked under the sheet, her round tits resting on a pillow. To see such things, does make the mind explode. The explosion that created our universe, our galaxy, our solar system, our stars, is the same mechanism that provides life.


Every curve, shape, structure tell us something, the very fabric of our being, each cell in our body, shows that we are created from the same material as present in our galaxy. New life comes in the world in the shape of stars, similar spherical curves, design, and energy which shows that we are all made of stars.



Hit piece on Auroville


To learn the mindset of a typical westerner you can read the article that a junkie materialistic idiot wrote about ‘Auroville’. I came upon the article online, and saw how the west views other parts of the world, spiritually and objectively.

Auroville is an experiment to start a new way of living, it combines history of our past, knowledge of nature, and science to build a different society from our current one. It is located in southern part of India, it has become more of a ‘tourist’ destination for foreigners. The article posted online, by Maddy Crowell shows poor journalistic standards, and shows us the lack of knowledge, the opinion people from modern ‘civilization’ has.

She writes : “I thought a bottle of red wine would be an appropriate gift to bring to utopia”, really a bottle of red wine in a village far removed from civilization ! and it’s not a utopia, nothing is to a western brat. Then she complains about taking a ‘couple of hours’ of flight, and taking a bus to reach her destination; then what’s the point of travelling ? rather she better head out to the shopping mall to binge on drinks.

It’s mentioned “there is no money, no government, no religion, no skyscrapers or expressways, no newspapers”, why the hell would you need skyscrapers and expressways, if you visit a place that is building something different from modern civilization. She goes on to mention all the issues the place has, like security, what do you expect when locals see hot foreign women. Waking up in the heat, oh great she expects to have every house to be air-conditioned with giant flat screen tvs, and microwave junk food.

Expecting deep thinking, knowledgeable, objective work from these junkies, the public should be careful. Then talking about the ‘negative’ energy that she experienced, without even trying to figure out why that was happening. People trying to learn new ways of living, while under such social stress, and structural pressure from the outside world isn’t ringing a bell in her head.

“I was craving the brashness of Indian traffic and the clutter that comes with being a part of a society” being used to eating microwave food, hitting coffee shops, travelling in car, and office clutter is her way, and to her that’s the only good way, the right way to live, fine that’s great for her, but as a journalist who should look at things from different perspective that’s incomprehensible.

Obviously Auroville definitely has plenty of issues, I haven’t visited the place so I can’t tell. Trying to build a different society from our current one is a tall task, considering the financial pressures, the social cohesion with different communities, with no large scale support, it will end up being a tourist spot. Which, the west views the world through that lens, to commercialize every square inch of land.

Majestic beauty


The largest animal to have ever lived, yes it’s even larger than the dinosaurs ! The fact that we are able to witness one of the largest animals in the entire history of our planet is incredible. The kayak was copied to align with the side of the whale, to show the sheer size of it. How long does the whale seem ?

It’s an animal that weighs hundreds of tons, it can easily crush us, but it doesn’t, because it is a peaceful animal, unlike humans. It navigates the big gorgeous ocean, eating tons of food swimming and exploring it’s surrounding, in contrast humans are so obsessed with fictional entities  that we slave away in buildings and concrete to worship our gods.

Animals live in objective reality, the ‘real world’, whereas humans live in ‘fictional reality’ together with objective world. These fictions include, gods, laws, money, ideology, nations, which ultimately will be responsible for the extinction of this gorgeous majestic animal.

Stand your ground


Breathing of the bull, was getting heavier, louder, more agitated, more aggressive.

Sound of bells chiming like a swinging pendulum, as if coming from a giant gong, the wide open ocean thrashing its powerful waves filled the evening, the beach calm but alert, occasional motorbikes buzzing along the road far from the beach. I couldn’t figure out where the bell was ringing from; I stopped walking and listened to the sound, it was only chiming when the buffalo was moving, each chime in sync with the buffalo’s steps. I looked closely and saw this beautiful square bell around its neck, it was only on the dominant bull of the herd, the leader, leading the herd to the open sea.

As it was swimming, I took pictures of the herd; due to the sunset and the light coming towards me, the pictures came out dark and blurry. I dropped my bag, and went in closer to get a better shot, suddenly I see the herd swimming away from me, and returning towards land. The bull all this time kept an eye on me, it didn’t swim with the herd, rather it swam towards me. I quickly got out, and saw the bull standing knee deep on the water, and thought although it is aggressive, I can still outrun it. I carefully approached the herd, and took some pictures, all of a sudden the bull takes a couple of steps towards me, and I could hear the heavy breathing directed towards me.

The bull all this time kept an eye on me, it didn’t swim with the herd, rather it swam towards me.


Buffalo’s head are enormous, it bowed down and was ready to strike, you could hear it’s breathing from dozens of feet away. I kept on taking pictures, the bull again did a small charge towards me, it was only a very small distance. I felt my body trembling, an animal that weighs close to a ton, with it’s power and horns was enough to scare me. Although I was backing away, I was still pointing the camera, it warned me again, by stomping it’s leg on the ground, you could hear the thud of its hooves on the sandy beach, from it’s gigantic body, finally I put down the camera, took my bag and slowly walked away. As I was walking away, the herd had gathered close to the bull, and was going back to the ocean, however the bull was still in an aggressive stance, kept its eye on me, even though I was quite far away. I conveyed this story to one of the locals, who said I am fortunate, as the buffalo gave multiple warnings and could have easily outrun me and done serious damage.

the buffalo gave multiple warnings and could have easily outrun me and done serious damage.

It made me realize the behavior of a ‘wild’ buffalo, even though it was domesticated by locals, it had a different life, roaming freely around nearby forests, swimming in open sea, having very little in contact with other people. Contrast to what ‘industrialized’ farming has done, locking up giants in cages, with no or very little natural instinct. This is what the west has been pushing towards the east, commercialization and industrialization of every square inch of land they can find.

the west has been pushing towards the east, commercialization and industrialization of every square inch of land they can find.

Having this experience with a wild animal, made me realize how important family structure is, how important nature is, and how harmful commercialization is to society. Animals in nature, follow rules that govern how the whole ecosystem works, the bull had given me multiple warnings, it didn’t just get out of the water and charge me, even though it could, it allowed me to move away from the herd, it managed to keep the whole herd calm, it lead the herd away, and most importantly it taught me to ‘stand my ground’.

Beauty of curves

Co_N9qqVYAAluO_There is nothing that is beautiful in this world than to see a nude women in nature. Raw beauty of a nude women accentuates when the environment around is natural, like a forest. Nature itself is like a grand designer, an architect, a planner, building beautiful objects, scenery, that makes humans wonder how did this come to be.

As one can observe by going to a forest, the diversity of objects, trees, rivers, animals, landscapes, there is a mathematical model for it’s design. As she is striking this pose, her whole body is like a a beautiful structure matching its surroundings. From looking at the women’s rear end, one can see the circular curvature, that mathematics can show, the shape of her legs show a gradual curvy line right down to the tip of her toes. Her arms used as a support for her whole body, shows her strength, balance, and focus. Her breasts, also in the shape of a mathematical curve, her back arched so it can handle the weight of her beautiful round buttocks. Her right leg enclosed, to maintain the structure of a line, her left leg extended towards her head to counter the weight and keep her whole body in balance.

Beauty of a women, as well as the raw natural beauty of nature is awe inspiring, many wonder whether there is a ‘creator’ that has done this. Sapiens ability to wonder and imagine, which is unique to all other species, allows us to question the creation of the universe itself. Nature shows us the designs, the curves, the structure, the mathematics behind the grand design, mathematics points us to science, science shows us evolution.

Nature shows us the designs, the curves, the structure, the mathematics behind the grand design, mathematics points us to science, science shows us evolution.

Humans have evolved to admire this kind of picture, it not only shows the beauty, curves and structure of women, but also shows the natural beauty, that humans for most of our history have cherished and lived with it. As our forests are being cut down, for the worship of money, as all other life forms are being extinct, as our natural world is being turned to concrete grotesque structures, as rivers and earth are being plundered, only to be replaced by asphalt and shopping malls.

What lies for the future of our species, how will this change affect not only the natural world, but us as humans, our behaviors, our beauty, our psychology that we admire so much ?