Buried relief

I was abroad, just got a room in a family home stay, after finishing my dinner, I topped up my mobile to call home. Didn’t know what to expect, but I finally got the news, it was shocking to hear it at first, I could barely focus or sleep, and at the same time felt this weight come off my shoulders.

On one hand it is a complex emotion but on the other it is a sigh of relief. It is because of that man, that my life has turned out this way, my father was never the guardian one expects, he is a mastermind of terror, abuse, that destroyed the family. Too many horrors to even put it into words.


As I was looking at the video of a cult group, it reminded me of my dad, they both had the wide-eye look, both are able to manipulate others by speaking, create confusion and terror by imagining stories. Most importantly they felt the need to be the center of attention.

His game plan was to create chaos, target people to abuse and then make the abuse the abuser. My mother falling for the charming psycho is not a new story, her own diabolical side was only brought out due to my dads influence, thus both of them were partners in crime. He wanted everyone to take care of his needs, if others didnt follow he would torture them, he never felt the pain of others but only caused them pain. 

As I gathered back my thoughts I was glad that a hideous person was gone from this world. I felt this sense of relief from my mind while touring the whole day.

Filtering pollutants

Propaganda headquarters

There are many liars, manipulators, ideologues in this world, some lie to fool others, some cheat to benefit their ego, some manipulate to compete, and ideologues just want to create chaos in society.

History is full of countless examples of ideologues twisting facts, manipulation and deception, selling propaganda to the masses. This also reveals the ‘side’ of the masses that cherish and admire those views, as has been well documented that people can do evil things if the structure enables it. However, if people are given the right direction they can counter and filter through the pollution of our evolved mind.

It’s very important to recognize our own biological limits it’s errors and viciousness, that has garnered our reputation as a creator and a destroyer. Having lived with ideologues, liars, manipulators my whole life I saw the true side of them which they were able to hide from outsiders, they were able to do so because the outsiders didn’t know how to ‘filter’ through the ‘bs’ being spouted at them. Take for example ‘psychopaths’ they are world class champion liars, and most people will not be able to detect the lie unless they verify, or have enough expertise to deal with it.

Psychopaths are world class champion liars.

How does one navigate through the sea of propaganda, how does one deal with ideologues, how does one deal with champion liars, well they need to use a ‘decoder’ as described below by evolutionary psychology Professor Gad Saad.

Professor Saad with a decoder

If anyone wants to see how one can use such decoder it is well explained through the video. Who knows it may only be a matter of time that an app can decode the pollutants from our society, which may be able to navigate us through the misinformation from tv and other sites.

People do have innate characteristics to counter such clowns, instincts that allow us to tell if something is wrong, expertise to call out the ‘filth’ in our society. Rather people often choose to look the other way, and when the ideologues go too far then it’s too late to stop the chaos. History repeats itself because people do not understand the lessons from it.

Snake Parents


Just as I thought things were going to be the same, my mother’s manipulation and her disingenuous ways were going to continue, things suddenly took a different turn.

Factitious stories being told were not adding up, manipulation tactics being used were being outed, the deceitfulness being caught. I always assumed that one day her true side was going to be shown, but the ‘master manipulator’ was always going to figure out a way to get out, however this time it didn’t.

This time, things have gone too far, the stakes were too high, someone could have lost their life. Timing of the incident was not just pure coincidence, it was clear of the deception. No more hiding, no way to deny incidents, no lying because the records have proven otherwise. Most striking part was sheltering and defending her favorite son, who was no doubt the voice that conspired to do evil.

A devious plan that one expects from watching movies, coming from pure evil, the psychopaths, criminals, and other scums of this planet. I didn’t expect that this scheme would be caught by the most unlikely person, my uncle, my mothers closest confidant, which even shocked him. It’s good to know that other family members, have now seen the ‘side’ of evil, which I always knew but couldn’t convince them, now they know, I feel vindicated.

Emotional Explosion


There is evil, in this world, whether people want to admit it or not. They are in our everyday lives, everyday decisions, everywhere you look, but people simply don’t understand evil. Post-modernists say evil is what the environment creates, no person is born evil.

Saying that evil is only created by the environment, is like saying that parasites are created, but this is not true according to professionals. Neuroscience, has been studying evil people, people who have committed hideous crimes. According to experts, they have a different brain pattern and wiring than the rest of the population; they are psychopaths.

Contrary to what the media defines, especially movies and tv shows, psychopaths very rarely tend to be murderers, serial killers, it is very rare and a small percentage of them are extremely violent. Psychopaths are master manipulators, they are extremely charming, they are world class liars, if there ever was a lying competition, they will win hands down. They will lie, steal, use people for sex, drugs, money.

Whether, you are working in any organization of more than 30 people, chances are you will come across them, there are various degrees of psychopathy, from the extreme to the borderline, but one thing is common among them they will use people to get what they want. In an organization, especially where narcissism is prevalent, such as in entertainment, politics, finance you will find plenty of these predators.

Unlike crimes like theft, battery, scam, which are easy to catch and prosecute, psychopaths employ a different tactic, emotional manipulation. These parasites, will destroy people emotionally, now to the casual person this seems absurd, can people be hurt emotionally ?  don’t people get hurt emotionally when they have lost or felt someone ? but for these predators, they feel no emotional pain, as they lack empathy. Empathy is what you feel, but for psychopaths they don’t have emotional empathy in their brain, so what they do is they mimic other people to respond to situations, this is called cognitive empathy.


Having lived with psychopaths, I never could understand the things that they did to me, until I started researching this topic, and finally found the right term and definitions to describe them. All these years, I felt manipulated, lied, cheated used by them for their own selfish desires, it’s as if they planted an bomb in my head. Terrorist’s plant bombs to destroy people, psychopaths plant bombs in the mind; however terrorists are prosecuted and face consequences for their action, whereas psychopaths get away with it.