Bali Biking


Smooth open roads, stunning scenery, the bright sunshine scorching the skin, and the light breeze tilts the head as the scooter zooms by, these are my favorite memories of being in Bali.

Most people use scooters, rather than motorcycles, scooters are much more relaxing to ride around, and is even suitable in harsh terrains. Bali has excellent quality roads, in majority of it’s cities, there are problems only in very rural parts of the town, or in remote locations such as in mountains. I have had the unfortunate experience of being a novice rider and ended up having an accident, with a scar on my right side of the face.

Everyone rides a scooter here, from kids going to school, to the office workers, even farmers use it to transport their cargo. It’s like the scooter is part of the Indonesian people’s culture, it’s where man and machine coexist peacefully.

Having no extensive public transport system, means the scooter is a necessity rather than a luxury. Roads are free with no hassle and traffic, people are laid back, most tourists rent bikes and tour around, if you don’t know how to bike this is the best place to learn.