License to Parent


There are licenses for driving, diving, flying, for professions like doctors, engineers, construction workers, yet there seems no license requirement for parenting. Society does not look at the importance of rearing children and marriage as a responsibility but rather a service. Ultimate cost of improper parenting and family union is being paid heavily by society.

Ultimate cost of improper parenting and family union is being paid heavily by society.

Now, I have wrote about the bureaucracy of public institutions and the complexity of the issue of even proposing a parenting license. Even starting to conceptualize the requirements, procedures, and measurements needed to give a license is a tall task. However, one needs to look at the true cost to a family, community, economy, nation and cultural aspects when measuring the devastation of childhood abuse.

Whether it’s the west or the east, one thing is for sure high IQ people tend to reproduce far less. A quick tour in parts of east london, inner cities in new york, or the slums of mumbai its evident that lower socioeconomic status means more children. That doesn’t mean higher socioeconomic status people are better at parenting, but by having less children they are reducing the impact.

In most cases, poverty means early marriage which is again the root cause of all problems, and then popping out half-a-dozen kids means more financial and social responsibility. A license will appear to be a preliminary assessment tool to judge both sexes as well as for the family, and community to measure if couples are ready to start a family.

A license will appear to be a preliminary assessment tool to judge both sexes as well as for the family

The same way one needs to have a license to drive, or to practice medicine it gives validation to the responsibility and duties that a individual needs. For too long, the economical, political, social community have not taken parenting as a serious ‘profession’, because the costs come in so many various avenues it has not been measured properly, but implementing right tools will reduce the impact on society.

Cold Thoughts

Bone chilling wind, frost bite on my hands, smell of a giant freezer, exhaling smoke, my mind numb, these are the thoughts that come to my mind when in Europe or North America. Indoor activities are a must, tv, movies, video games, board games, food to keep oneself warm, the society in the West is based on indoor structure, from mega shopping malls, schools and colleges, offices which produce an enclosed environment.

society in the west is based on indoor structure producing an enclosed environment.

Here in the East, things are totally different, even during cold winters people are outside in the morning, fishing, camping, having cultural events because it isn’t freezing. I am wondering how much impact the environment has on the mind, and it’s obvious the environment shapes the human mind and society.

the environment shapes the human mind and society.

In cold climates, the people are not only physically strong but extremely manipulative, survival is critical, unlike harsh warm climates in Africa, where humans have adapted well. Homo sapiens are not accustomed to freezing temperatures, without necessary calories it’s trouble. One can notice the extreme physical difference of westerners, almost half-a-foot taller, and 20 kg heavier than their asian counterparts. Most of the strongman competition winners, no surprise are from northern Europe.


Warm climates produce laid-back people, here agility is more crucial rather than brute strength, and one needs to think with their head cool, as you will find lot of aggression that people have in hot environments. Humans are more adapted in warm climates, think of coconut trees, bright sunshine, warm breeze that’s the ‘ideal’ environment people choose when they think about holidays.

Swimming with Sharks


If you think this movie is about a bad boss, the abuse suffered by the new assistant, the revenge taken, it’s not. Well, not according to the ‘conventional’ movie critics it’s not. This movie goes much deeper into the structures of our society, our relationship with one another, it shows us the hedonistic mechanistic view of modern society, and what people will do to make it through.

Main part of the movie shows the newbie assistant, trying to juggle his responsibilities from an arrogant boss, played by Kevin Spacey. Spacey killed this role, he has played plenty of iconic movie roles, which are not ‘politically correct’, but rather goes to the heart of the issue. Swimming with sharks, has plenty of top movie stars, but it’s a movie the mainstream society will look into disgust, as it tackles ‘controversial’ topics.

The most interesting scene is at the end, when the assistant the boss and a producer are in a room. The producer, has sexual relationships with both the men, and a tense standoff occurs between all three of them. Spacey delivers incredible lines, the script of the movie was done brilliantly, each phase fits well with the scene.

“Everyone lies, good guys loose, and love doesn’t conquer all”, Spacey says as the ending comes to a shocking end. In a commercialized world, where institutions have more power over everyone’s lives, where society values wealth, status, and fame people will bring out their worst instincts to get what they want. This results in a abuse cycle with keeps perpetuating to generations.