Smooth Ape


Ever since we split from the apes, one aspect of our body that has changed so dramatically is the skin. This is especially noticed in the case of females, who are much less hairy, and have smooth streamlined body than any other genre of our species.

One can notice that other mammals do have very smooth and streamlined bodies such as dolphins, this enables them to glide through the ocean currents effortlessly.  Anyone can see when going to the beach, that women effortlessly float through the crushing waves. Having smooth skin also aids in heat dissipation, which allows the body to regulate it’s core temperature.

As humans have moved towards an indoor environment, with controlled temperature available, the need for specific traits to counter harsh weather has decreased. The hotter the climate the less hair the better. It’s a wonder of evolution to produce the beauty of the female, which has taken millions of years. Its smooth skin, and mathematically curvy rear end that is soft to the touch, it’s legs engineered for aesthetic admiration, the whole body streamlined by design, is a wonder for mankind.

Little Player


If you look at him, you couldn’t figure it out, how does he do it, increase his notch count. One can never suspect from his demeanor, physical presence, energy level, that he can make a woman bow down to him stripped naked.

At first glance, you think he probably played one of the extras at ‘lord of the rings’ as a hobbit. He doesn’t display any sort of traditional dominant traits, but rather he is an eerily ‘confidence’ in him, not a physical one, but comfortable with himself. His eyes are dark buttons, one glance at a woman, and she fawns all over him.

Having met him at college, and spending time with him, one can see he has lived quite a story. Expelled from his own country, being a Kurdish meant problems with a dictator, eventually reaching a European country to seek asylum. A shrewd character no doubt, hardened by his travelling, working, living in inhabitable conditions with stories to tell.

Women go crazy whenever they see him, we were in the elevator once, he just turned to say ‘hi’ to a girl, the girl burst out ‘giggling’, her body shaking with sexual desires. We are at the cafe, as we walk in all the girls, europeans, asians, africans stop about their business and stare at him, as if looking at a ‘celebrity’; while eating several girls come over to just have a ‘chat’. Travelling in the tube, he talked about being ‘locked’ up in a asylum center; as he leaves his seat, a british woman sitting beside puts her hand down on the seat he just sat on.


Not speaking fluently is more of an advantage, rather acts like a plus point in the complex sexual game. He becomes, very ‘smooth’ with his dealing with women, as if getting into a different character, but he doesn’t need to do much, rather women ask him out. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that he easily ‘hit’ three digit figures.

The very thing that makes him so different than others, is his advantage. His little size actually compels women to approach him, as women crave novelty to try something different. His extensive travelling, and experiences enables him to be an excellent talker to close the ‘deal’. It appears women just want to have a ‘fling’ with him, but he doesn’t care because he is getting the only thing he needs, sex.

English or Bangla

Yesterday as I was walking in the park, I saw an artist sitting on the grass and painting the scenery. What got my attention was the man that was jovially looking at the painting; at first I didn’t recognize him, he had a beard almost up to his chest. As he was walking by looking at the side of his face, and the way he walked I finally did figure out who he was. A shadow of the person of what he used to be in school, he was a senior from my school, the brother of my classmate.

It was my parents, specifically my erratic mother who decided to put us in a private school, commonly known here as ‘english medium’. It’s a school where the liberals go, they pay exorbitant fees just to get a education from the British empire, taught in english using British curriculum, commercializing education. One school I went to, was one of the worst, all the spoiled brats were there. I was in a environment, where most children had several cars, and had loads of cash in their pocket, I didn’t.

As I was reminded of the guy in school, he and his family were the elite of our country. His great grandfather was a very important religious figure, he was a imam, and responsible for establishing mosques and religion. He became very wealthy through his connection as a religious figure, and passed it down in his family. As my classmate had different cars, coming to pick him up, I saw his father, who was a very powerful person. A tycoon, the industry head of all the giant corporations, which reminded me of Trump ! He was also involved in establishing sports ‘cricket’ in our nation, he was involved in politics and wanted to run for office.

He met plenty of mega sports stars and celebrities, athletes that most people in the world know, came over to his house, he became instantly famous. Everyone knew he was wealthy, son of a powerful magnate, but having world class athletes sent him to the stars. His brother was the ‘player’, the one who used his ‘status’ to get any women he wants. I used to see all the schoolteachers, women, and girls gush all over him after school, there were literally half a dozen girls surrounding him every time he was talking. My classmate was more grounded than his brother, wasn’t interested in bedding girls, but the fame had taken hold of him. He started asking, why I don’t have a car, why do I live in that part of town. He later became arrogant, didn’t want to deal with me, started bedding girls, and hanging out at clubs.

His brother was the ‘player’, the one who used his ‘status’ to get any women he wants.

The ‘famous’ fellow in school, now had an enormous beard, who bedded most of the women he ever met in his life. He became very pious, because as I later learned his father passed away, with his passing was most of the fame, glamor and wealth. My classmate also became a devout person, I learned he was involved with providing the security technology for our country’s central bank, and no wonder it had one of the biggest cyber bank heist. They have tasted enormous power, and they will never give it up, it’s difficult to explain to ordinary people the addiction to power, the length people would go to hold on to it.

They have tasted enormous power, and they will never give it up, it’s difficult to explain to ordinary people the addiction to power, the length people would go to hold on to it.

I started to question why I was going to a school, where most kids had sports cars, hanging out at clubs, meeting celebrities. It was my bizarre mother, who wanted to hold on to the ‘social status’, of sending her kids to private school. As I was thinking about my past, I wonder how things would have been if I had just gone to the local school, ‘bangla medium’. A walking distance from my house, with large fields, affordable tuition, students who are humble, don’t bother about the wealth of their peers.

Shopping Spree

edspreeIt’s another holiday and shopping time again. Holidays and shopping go hand in hand, whenever any kind of holiday comes up, it’s another opportunity for revitalizing the economy. The way to do that, is to constantly increase the consumption, and consumption means shopping. No matter whichever part of the town I go, there is one thing in common, most of the shopping is done by women.

There is a consumption instinct among women, to get plenty of stuff, and this doesn’t only apply to people living in the city. Even among rural people, those who live in a agrarian society one can see the same behavior among women. For them, they don’t have access to tv, billboards, or marketers, they are cut far away from the hustle of the ‘modern’ city. Often times I hear about consumption is only due to the environment, yet the agrarian women show similar interests in products that people in the city prefer. It doesn’t matter whether someone is living in the west or east, north or south, there is a basic instinct behind female shopping psychology.

The difference that agrarian people have from us, is they lack the resources, means and the need to acquire so much stuff. If given the opportunity to acquire resources and they will simply shop like the city shopping addicts. Our economy requires consumption, it is based on growth, without women doing all the consumption it will simply collapse.

Beauty of curves

Co_N9qqVYAAluO_There is nothing that is beautiful in this world than to see a nude women in nature. Raw beauty of a nude women accentuates when the environment around is natural, like a forest. Nature itself is like a grand designer, an architect, a planner, building beautiful objects, scenery, that makes humans wonder how did this come to be.

As one can observe by going to a forest, the diversity of objects, trees, rivers, animals, landscapes, there is a mathematical model for it’s design. As she is striking this pose, her whole body is like a a beautiful structure matching its surroundings. From looking at the women’s rear end, one can see the circular curvature, that mathematics can show, the shape of her legs show a gradual curvy line right down to the tip of her toes. Her arms used as a support for her whole body, shows her strength, balance, and focus. Her breasts, also in the shape of a mathematical curve, her back arched so it can handle the weight of her beautiful round buttocks. Her right leg enclosed, to maintain the structure of a line, her left leg extended towards her head to counter the weight and keep her whole body in balance.

Beauty of a women, as well as the raw natural beauty of nature is awe inspiring, many wonder whether there is a ‘creator’ that has done this. Sapiens ability to wonder and imagine, which is unique to all other species, allows us to question the creation of the universe itself. Nature shows us the designs, the curves, the structure, the mathematics behind the grand design, mathematics points us to science, science shows us evolution.

Nature shows us the designs, the curves, the structure, the mathematics behind the grand design, mathematics points us to science, science shows us evolution.

Humans have evolved to admire this kind of picture, it not only shows the beauty, curves and structure of women, but also shows the natural beauty, that humans for most of our history have cherished and lived with it. As our forests are being cut down, for the worship of money, as all other life forms are being extinct, as our natural world is being turned to concrete grotesque structures, as rivers and earth are being plundered, only to be replaced by asphalt and shopping malls.

What lies for the future of our species, how will this change affect not only the natural world, but us as humans, our behaviors, our beauty, our psychology that we admire so much ?



Walking away

I just woke up today and checked my phone, there I see this video below and it reminded me why I no longer follow any archaic religion.

This women is in a movie theater, and she is praying right beside a movie poster, as well as in front of gates which also has posters. I am thinking to myself what lengths will people go to follow such a radical ideology, then I looked at the context of the situation. She is in Canada, a very liberal country, she is showing all the movie goers that she is a faithful and divine, she wants attention, as playing the victim card brings liberals plenty of sympathy.

People use religion to showcase their innocence to the public, painting the picture of how moral they were, at the same time, using parts of the ideology to justify abuse, to justify doing evil. The women in the video wants to get attention, this is called munchausen syndrome. By bringing attention to herself, she is actually mocking people, which is a slap to real abusive victims.

While I was facing horrible physical punishment, I was told by my parents to pray to God, as it can only save you, so I did. When I no longer saw any reason to live, I prayed. When I saw suffering to all the poor people, I prayed so that God will help them. I asked God for help, so that my life would be meaningful, I prayed so that my abusive family would change stop their evil. But nothing happened, I realized people are blindly following a fictional entity, they are following an ideology that has no basis in modern times, an ideology that makes people accept evil being done to them, so I no longer follow such ideology and walked away.


Wearing Black

blackshrtI remember in my childhood, that whenever I was buying clothes, even the colors were not chosen by me, the colors where always bright and obnoxious, but never dark solid colors. When at last, I had the freedom to choose what I wanted, I always chose dark solid colors.


Living in a religious, conservative society there are specific colors, one is expected to wear. Most kids wear bright colors, religious men wear white, religious women wear black burqa, traditional people wear striped color clothing. Those who live in the city, and belong to upper class wear fashionable clothing, this can be traditional and religious type of clothing, but highly fashionable. Most college kids, now wear western clothing, jeans and shirt. What you wear, has religious, cultural, and social implications on any society.

I have always avoided wearing black casually, unless it’s for formal occasions, the color black, especially in our country is regarded as bad, something to be avoided. There may be a scientific basis behind the color black, and it’s social implications but having recently wearing black gave me a whole new perspective behind it.

I was hiking in a new part of the town, this place had very few modern buildings, not a lot of transportation, but enough roads for industrialization. The first thing I noticed when wearing a black shirt, was people were reluctant to speak to me when I was asking for directions, this is uncommon considering, I have always found it easy to ask people. Another aspect of it was, people were looking at me sort of suspiciously, but didn’t bother dealing with me, I am not a physically large guy, but the color seems to put people at unease. While I was living in London, most guys did wear dark colors, but it’s different there culturally, also white people wearing dark colors match well. As I am dark skinned, the color didn’t match, instead it made me look like the ‘bad guy’.

As I was walking along, a abandoned part of the town, I saw plenty of trucks in the middle of nowhere, then I also saw police vehicles there as well, I figured out it was a smuggling zone, both parties doing illicit activities. The fact that they saw me, but didn’t come after me surprised me, then I realized the one factor that was different in me, than in any other occasion. With women, it was interesting, more women were attracted to me than when I was wearing bright colors, I guess the dark color was alluring to them.

I have had the experience of being treated badly by the public, then I also found the strength and dominance factor, feeling courageous and instilling fear to others, alluring to women, which I got by wearing black.

Classy women and finance

elles2While I was living in London, traveling on the tube in the morning there were gorgeous, ambitious, sexy women, very focused wearing tight suits and stunning heels. During lunch break, in the financial district of the town, people were out, drinking and relaxing, a completely different mood; the women were laid back, their hair down, joking and sipping wine. I was reminded of that scene, when I was watching the news and this incredibly beautiful blonde gorgeous women took my breath away. She was explaining all the financial jargon, that makes most people confused, into understandable words. Her stunning looks and her amazing contagious smile will keep you hypnotized.

Lenore Hawkins, is the co-author of ‘cocktail investing’, founder of investment company, she regularly appears on tv to offer her financial expertise. Women and finance, do mesh together, as it’s not surprising that women consume majority of products and services, more women indeed need to be in finance.


She posts amazing sights from different countries on her social media, sipping wine and enjoying the gorgeous view, it kind of makes me want to pack my bags and join her ! Looking at one of her pictures of her feet, I noticed how large they were, it made me question the genetics of humans, and the evolution of homo sapiens.

I noticed the women in the west are not only physically different but they are also psychologically different as well. Talking about this is politically incorrect, and political correctness stifles a discussion which people should have in order to have proper vision for our future. Physically white caucasian women are much taller, and bigger (not fat), their bones are much thicker than people from the east, they obviously have a much fairer and creamy skin, with golden hue hair. One will notice they have a larger forehead, which makes them more ambitious than their asian counterparts, they can take more risks. As they are physically larger they are more independent, and continue to pursue their goals, they are more involved in societal institutions.

Talking about this is politically incorrect, and political correctness stifles a discussion which people should have in order to have proper vision for our future


neandtThis difference leads many people to conclude that there is indeed genetic differences between people from different continents and race, which is not politically correct thing to say so. Sure there are people from different parts of the world who show similar mental capabilities, but that does not reflect the average of a particular country. Homo sapiens evolved with different abilities, evolution is based on difference. It was found that people have some percent of ‘neanderthal’ genes, looking at people from west, this can be seen. An accurate depiction of a neanderthal women is shown here, not the cartoonish caricature as people think they are. From homo sapiens they were physically and mentally different.

Homo sapiens evolved with different abilities, evolution is based on difference

The fact that each race has different physical and mental characteristics, is not popular among a lot of people, I think people are afraid of the repercussions that it will bring, this will obviously be a political dynamite. Meanwhile, keep listening to the gorgeous Hawkins, and enjoy the wonderful sights she posts !





Dating: Women in Dhaka

It is one of the most densely populated city in the world, it is also a developing country, trying to catch up to developed nations. Competition is fierce, in the context of the market economy, people will lie, cheat and steal to make a living.

People will behave in different ways depending upon the environment, the system that our current market operates under causes severe stress not only to the people, but also to the community of biological life around us. On an individual level, there are sponges, someone that squeezes the fruits of another person’s labor.

While browsing on dating apps, I came upon plenty of profiles of women, who either want someone who will aid them financially, or someone who is financially secure to be able to marry them. In a developing city like Dhaka, with rapid urbanization, women will look to get the man who is more financially secure, as living in poverty is extremely difficult here.


dating_bd_meetHowever, there will always be ones, who are playing the victim, this is called munchausen syndrome they fake or cause harm to their loved ones to get attention. In the case of the women shown here, I saw her post regularly on several dating apps, that she wants someone to financially support her, it’s just money she is interested in. Considering the fact that she is also married, which shows she wants attention. Especially in dating sites/apps there are women, who look for men to take care of them, what is known as ‘sugardaddy’, this can also be found across the globe in the west. Even though many of the women in the city are educated, they still look for someone who is more financially wealthier than them, as it is still the men’s responsibility to take care of women.

People are still living under traditional ideology, which is a patriarchal system, so women stay in houses and men are breadwinners, this can be seen villages, far away from the city. In Dhaka, the story is changing due to the market, as capitalism crawls into every corner of the globe, and rapid urbanization is occurring, where money is worshiped, women will look for more wealthy men in a competitive world.

Classy music and women

Emotions run through the mind, the thoughts, the eyes, the lips, eventually every part of the body, that’s what music feels to me; not every music, but music that connects with me emotionally, music that creates an amazing experience, music that is classical.

Classical music is what creates this experience, in todays culture most artists on tv are loud obnoxious singers creating lyrics and beats that are already predetermined. Pop culture music although some are good, but most of them are temporary sounds to feed hungry enthusiastic’s.


Even in a country like ours, somehow I stumbled on satellite tv channel called cmusictv, and I got hooked to it so easily, I never knew that a channel that plays classical music could even exist. One musician that literally took my breath away was Lavinia Meijer, she looked incredibly ‘classy’, someone who is extremely disciplined, extremely talented, highly intellectual, yet very feminine.

Lavinia Meijer, performs by playing the harp, she makes music that was played by other instruments to the harp, which requires incredible talent and hand precision. I never heard tunes, that fills the mind in so many ways. Her performance of ‘metamorphis’  by Philip Glass is one of the most enthralling experiences. Please do check it out below.


Listening to it, brings peace in my mind, my body, it makes you want to explore the world, find the mysteries, and most importantly heals my mind. Recognizing the impact of amazing music, an amazing artist, a classy woman like Lavinia Meijer.